April 11, 2016
by Lori Shecter

11 Reason why to use Magento as your e-commerce platform

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What is Magento eCommerce?

Magento eCommerce is an innovative open-source eCommerce system created in PHP. Among its numerous other accolades, Magento has been voted the #1 eCommerce system in the Internet Retailer B2B 300 eCommerce guide, which features 41 eCommerce sellers who use what is the Magento eCommerce platform. Read on to discover why to use Magento eCommerce.

Why Use Magento eCommerce?

Powerful Features Including Inventory Management and Invoicing

The incredible functionality of Magento allows users to list up to a half-million items for sale on just a single web page! With multiple store management, you can control several web stores with just one installation, and items you sell on other domains all share the same admin dashboard for effortless monitoring of product sales. Catalog management enables you to create simple product groupings while establishing different prices for each item. There is also an automated function for resizing images which makes browsing easier for customers sorting through your items. You can manage all your inventory, invoices and buyer records from a single admin panel.

Coupon Codes

Magento eCommerce features allow you to easily design coupons and set up discount rules for increased future sales and customer retainment. Enable customers to use several coupons for one order and increase future profits when they return for more merchandise. Buyers can view which coupons they’ve used in the shopping cart, and the used coupon codes are also viewable in both the admin panel and in the consumer’s account.

Easy to Sell

Although a number or content management systems like WordPress offer eCommerce functions, they aren’t built exclusively for that purpose like Magento sites. That’s the reason Magento stands above WordPress with WooCommerce and Drupal with Drupal Commerce packages. This internet commerce system comes pre-installed with all the functions and specifications required to organize an operating eCommerce website and get items listed quicker and easier than ever before.

Completely Customizable

Because of Magento’s open system structure, a Magento professional can help customers develop attractive and personalized user experiences depending on the kind of access devices they’re using. It is even possible to include personalized back-end workflows to satisfy particular company requirements. Magento is truly a modular eCommerce solution that gives you total control over the way you want your website to look and function.

Hundreds of Themes

Magento sites come with a huge assortment of impressive Magento eCommerce themes to choose from. These themes are developed to wow your prospective customers and highlight your merchandise in an enticing manner. All Magento eCommerce themes are designed with an emphasis on style and functionality. There are literally hundreds of themes to pick from for any category of web store, including art, animals, cars, clothing, design, electronics, food, jewelry, medical, real estate, sports, and much more.

Responsive Functionality

In terms of page loading speed, processing time and other functionality variables, Magento eCommerce features beat those offered by competitors. Even the slightest delay in handling user requests can destroy an eCommerce site’s ability to turn guest browsers into customers. Magento’s top quality caching solutions like Varnish and various other DB optimization strategies ensure lightning fast response time on eCommerce sites.

You Own It

There are several advantages to owning your eCommerce website as opposed to renting it. If you are the site owner, you have more leverage concerning its appearance, functionality, and other variables. An additional advantage of owning your eCommerce site is that it cuts costs in the long run. With a Magento website, there is no need to be concerned about paying a contracted monthly lease.

Robust Reporting

The best way to make effective business choices on a regular basis is to base them on facts. Always having access to dependable data takes the guesswork out of the picture, conserves a lot of time, and enables you to monitor the results of applied changes.
Magento’s eCommerce features for extracting and managing store information present a clear picture of your store metrics. Whether you need an assembled list of featured items, advice on the best times to engage social media, or prompt notification of inventory shortages, Magento’s reporting element provides all the pertinent information and helps to circumvent an array of management concerns.

Easily Scalable for All Sizes

Magento is ideal for all eCommerce businesses, both small and large, because it expands in tandem with your company. No matter what type of eCommerce functions or improvements you need, Magento will be there to provide them. This is why countless Fortune 500 businesses (most of which have rather sophisticated eCommerce functions) use Magento currently.

Excellent Support

Magento provides a stockpile of step-by-step instructions and reference material to our customers, all created by our network of skilled authors. Support options include best practice tips for servers and hosts, clean installations of Magento, and troubleshooting of active installations or downloads. Troubleshooting procedures include the diagnosis and repair of any performance or graphics issues in the Magento package. We also help you to set up Magento so that it’s optimized for all languages, payment processors, shipping options, tax fees, and more.

Huge Developer Community

Because it’s an open source technology, there’s an enormous community of developers all over the world studying and improving it every single day, which includes making sure that the eCommerce system is fast, protected, and properly updated. Our customers can easily network with other Magento users in order to share tips, techniques, and other valuable information, which in turn helps to improve the way the Magento eCommerce system functions for all users.