E-Mail Strategy

Email Marketing Services. Design and Strategy

Keeping in touch with leads, customers, and other interested parties is a great business practice. That being said, not everyone has the time or resources to really delve into a complete email marketing strategy. That’s where We Are Immediate comes in.



Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Other

There are so many email marketing companies nowadays, and We Are Immediate knows that your company might already have one integrated in some way, shape, or form. That’s great, because we have experience working with PLENTY. We can help set up your account, set up your lists, make your templates, and draft your campaigns.



A great e-newsletter should reflect your business’s style. At We Are Immediate, we can put together templates that match your branding and streamline your communication. We Are Immediate can also help you choose or create images for your campaigns.

content management systems

Copy write

If you don’t have time to write up the articles or information on your marketing materials, we also provide copy-writing services. We work with you to learn about your business voice and then create all the required copy for the different sections of your newsletters.



We can build and schedule all of your emails for deployment – whether you want to send it out all at once or break up the deployment by groups. We Are Immediate also uses AB testing and analyzes the results afterwards to see if there are patterns we should watch for or act upon in your campaigns.

95% Customer Satisfaction

Speak to any NYC Web Development team and you will get no less than 1000 answers on the correct method of web or mobile development. Whether you have NYC development or development anywhere else in the world, everyone has their own process.  See why 95% of our clients are thrilled with the web sites and apps that we design and develop for them.


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