Mobile app design and mobile app development are critical to the success of almost all business today. Make your brand stand out from the crowd with a Mobile App.  Have an idea but don’t know where to begin? We Are Immediate’s expert user experience team will help you flesh out your ideas and develop a product that you can bring to market.

We develop apps for iOS, Android, and tablets.  Always on time. Always on budget


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? We Are Immediate creates beautiful and immersive App designs, coupled with intuitive and innovative user experiences.



User experience is the key to App design. Good user flow increases usage, conversion, downloads and traction. We Are Immediate’s experts spend hours pouring over use cases, world class design, and your business needs.



Design can enhance or detract from the user experience and the overall success of your app. We Are Immediate offers design services for all aspects of your mobile application and make sure we design the perfect design for your vision. Whether it’s a custom shopping app, a content sharing app, or something else entirely, our iOS, Android and Tablet design will rock your world!

IOS and Android


Our cutting edge app techology turns your dreams into a reality. We Are Immediate combines mobile development with web and cloud, enabling you to grow your business. Our mobile strategy is custom-built to suit your business goals and mission. Includes: programming, offline caching, validation and system testing, application submission, server monitoring and post deployment support.


As one of the top mobile app design teams in NYC,  we’ve prepared a handy guide to help you determine whether or not you need a powerful mobile app design. We guide you in discovering if you need app design, a mobile optimized website or both. Are you an agency in need of immediate app help? We are your “go to” team.


Step 1: Analyze Traffic Sources
Install Google Analytics into your current website. This is an easy process and We Are Immediate can set up your Google account (if you don’t already have one) and install the code into your website. Next, we measure the percent of site traffic and sales that comes from a mobile device. Google analytics can also give you a clear picture of how much your business comes from digital marketing, social media, and email advertising. If you are like 95% of all business (whether small or large) more than 60% of your sites visits come from mobile devices no matter what their activity: searching for your business using their devices to find your products, or even chatting about your brand on social media.
Step 2: Why a Mobile App?
Mobile app designs are the future of mobile because well thought out mobile app designs are significantly easier to use when it comes to online purchasing. An app doesn’t rely on the speed of a website to deliver data and information to your customers in a seamless fashion.
Step 3: Identify functionality
We are Immediate can offer a mobile design that will alert you when a customer walks by your business and let that customer know that you have a special offer just for them! Mobile design also has incredibly cool marketing technologies, that are not available with a website alone. We are Immediate offers uniquely customized, beautifully designed mobile apps that can feature a camera, sensor, augmented reality, and geo-locations, and much more.
Mobile App Technology: The Future
Technology for mobile design is going to change much more quickly than it will for web technology. Now we’re not saying that websites are going to go away…they’re not! But when comes to keeping up with today’s technological marketing tools, a mobile app is the way to go.
A final thought on Mobile App Design
We are Immediate, based in New York, offers affordable prices and guaranteed satisfaction with amazing, powerful iOS and Android apps.