October 22, 2016
by Lori Shecter

Second Chance Animals: Amazing Non-Profits You’ve Never Heard About



Second Chance Animals is an innovative animal shelter located in East Brookfield Mass. Recently, they have initiated a program that introduces homeless dogs to inmates at a local prison. The transformation is astounding. We applaud Second Chance for their dual help initiatives — helping both animals and mankind toward better lives and better journeys. We can’t say enough for this team and thank you for all the people and pets they help.

This video says it all!

If you wish to donate, please go here: 


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October 7, 2016
by Lori Shecter

Exciting non-profits you never heard about

As a web development company that has a large client base of non-profit organizations, we are constantly exposed to groups that have an enormous impact on our global communities. They are the unsung heroes of the non-profit world. Many of them were started because of the personal experiences of the founder. Others, simply a group of people that felt they had to make a difference in the world.

They are not the super large organizations like the Red Cross or The United Way But it is possible, despite their lower budgets, they have a greater impact because so much more of their actual earnings goes toward the cause they wish to help versus overhead.

We are going to try once per week, to honor these smaller foundations and non-profits in the hopes that we can help them achieve greater recognition among the community and perhaps in some small way, help increase their donor pool.

The October 7, 2016 List:

THE NAYA FOUNDATION: Our Vision: No More Kids With Cancer

No More Kids with Cancer is a nonprofit research accelerator. We serve children with cancer — and the doctors and researchers working to save them — who urgently need alternatives to the 50s-era, inhumane, side-effect-laden standard treatments used today. We focus exclusively on accelerating  the discovery of safe, effective, modern treatments for children with cancer. No More Kids with Cancer is dedicated to backing groundbreaking translational research — such as genetic sequencing, precision medicine and clinical trials — that leverages the latest understanding in cancer biology to bring safer, and more effective treatments for  children. Collaborating with leading scientists — who share our belief that more research leads to more options — we’re working toward our vision of No More Kids With Cancer. No More Kids with Cancer is a registered trademark of The Naya Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Our MissionDiscover non-toxic treatments and cures for pediatric cancer so children with cancer can live long and healthy lives. We achieve our mission by funding groundbreaking translational research that leverages the latest understanding of cancer biology – research that will create new treatments that save more children’s lives.

Pencils of Promise: 100% FOR-PURPOSE

pencils of promise

PoP is guided by our revolutionary “for-purpose” approach. Blending the head of a for-profit business with the heart of a humanitarian nonprofit, we rigorously measure the return on investment of every donor dollar we spend. Joy and passion are great, but results are what we’re all about. 100% DIRECT GIVINGDonors rarely know where their money goes, so we set out to change this. By covering our operational costs through private donors, events and companies, 100% of every dollar donated online goes directly into our programs to educate more children.100% SUCCESS RATE We don’t just build a school and move on, we monitor and evaluate every project we undertake. Thus far, every school we’ve opened is fully operational and educating students daily.



MISSION: To provide anyone in need with a warm coat, free of charge. VISION: That One Warm Coat will become a part of the American lifestyle; that when a coat is no longer needed, people will think of us and donate it; that donors will be warmed by the knowledge that their coats will go directly to children, women and men in need. HISTORY: Our organization started in 1992 with a Thanksgiving weekend coat drive at one location in San Francisco.  Since then, we have grown to a national organization supporting over 3,000 coat drives each year.


ABOUT: In 2001, Dave Batstone discovered that his favorite Bay Area restaurant had been the center of a local human trafficking ring that forcefully brought hundreds of teenagers from India into the United States.He realized this was part of a growing international issue affecting every industry and corner of the earth. From there, Batstone wrote the book Not For Sale in 2007, and our organization was born.



One night, after 5 year old Hannah had witnessed a man eat from a garbage dumpster, then later watched as a woman pushed a grocery cart with all her belongings – to ease her troubled spirit, Hannah’s mom simply said to her “sometimes when you worry and feel sad about things, if you do something to change the problem, your heart won’t feel so sad.” The next day, Hannah began to enlist her teacher’s help, and the rest as they say is history.  Since 2004, Hannah has advocated for people who are homeless. She has spoken to groups as small as 2 and as large as 16,000. From former Prime Minister Paul Martin to now Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Hannah has engaged in conversations with politicians, CEO’s and Presidents of major corporations, famous musicians and actors, visited hundreds of schools from Newfoundland to BC, Singapore and Sweden in hopes that people will listen and choose to helpThe Ladybug Foundation make a difference for people who are homeless.


last chance

At the age of 12 Victoria rescued her first horse. Since 1968 she has always taken in the horses that everyone has given up, trying to turn their life around by giving them one last chance. One or two at a time, horses have come in and out of her life inspiring her to firmly believe that there is always a horse out there in need of refuge, and always a need for someone to feel responsible and intervene on that animal’s behalf.  Establishing the Last Chance Corral in 1986 was the realization of her vision of creating a much-needed facility to offer horses asylum.

Today, the Last Chance Corral proudly offers horses hope, shelter, and opportunity regardless of their situation or problems. Be it psychological or physiological we are committed to addressing the individual needs of each rescued animal. Our work begins with developing an individual diet, treatment regiments, and a training program for each horse according to its needs.  When a horse has been sufficiently rehabilitated we go about the work of finding appropriate adoptive homes that suit the horse’s needs and abilities.


raising men

Greetings, my name is Rodney Smith Jr. I am from the island of Bermuda and currently attending college at Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, AL. In my free time I cut grass for the homes of the elderly, disabled and single parent mothers around town in Huntsville ,Al and near by cities for FREE. It is my understanding that, “To whom much is given, much is required”. In September of 2015 I challenged myself to cut 40 lawns by winter. A month and a half later, on October 21, 2015 I reached my goal. Since reaching my goal way before planned, I decided to aim a little higher and set a new goal of 100 lawns before winter. Now these are 100 different lawns; no two lawns alike. On November 25, 2015 I am glad to say I have completed my 100th lawns i am currently on lawn 125. On November 10th , WAFF Channel 48 local news contacted me to interview and record me doing a lawn. I shared how this all came about and a week later news channel WHNT surprised me and came out to a lawn i was doing and gave me $300 for their pay it forward segment. A lady by the name of Dawn told them about me. All of that got me to start the “Raising Men Lawn Care Service”. The union of an ordinary yard maintenance service and the commitment to establish an inspiring program to keep our young men and boys (young women and girls) on a positive path while learning and understanding their value in society. This has been my vision since I started with the first yard. All the lawns we do are done for FREE.



The Goal:Empower and equip every motivated Kiberan to be healthy, educated, and self-sufficient.The Belief: Slums are unsafe and dirty; the people who live there are not. Living in a slum does not define a person’s character or capacity for success.The Approach: Make life better today. Help them thrive tomorrow. Working collaboratively, we offer opportunity, not charity.Our Values: Community Partnership and Participation. CFK recognizes that the community is the driver and sustainer of change and that the individuals within the community are actively contributing to its betterment. Community members’ wisdom, voice and leadership are absolutely necessary for success.Teamwork. At CFK, the staff, volunteers, board members and partners all work together towards a common vision. The only way to truly affect change in Kibera is through a core of staff, board members and volunteers that are united and supportive of each other and our mission and vision.

We Are Immediate

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September 25, 2016
by Lori Shecter

10 Important Elements of a Non-Profit Website Design

Your non-profit website design is an important part (if not the most important part) of your marketing efforts. All things lead to your website whether it’s social media, other forms of online advertising or email or other media campaigns.  Remember, perception is reality and if your website doesn’t give potential donors or employees confidence about your organization, you could be losing…big.  Remember that just like all design trends, there are web design trends as well, so it is important to understand how your organization is perceived online.  Below is a list of elements that can help boost your traffic, donations overall health of your non-profit:

  1. DESIGN: Full-screen websites are not only in style but they look great!  Here are some examples of full-screen non-profit websites that are mention worthy. JOINTANIMIAL SERVICES, ONE DROP, BRIGHT PINK, and  MALALA one drop
  2. EASY NAVIGATION: Your website should be easy for any visitors to find exactly what they are looking for – whether it’s how to donate, how to join, your mission statement, board of directors, or success stories of your non-profit.
  3. RESPONSIVE: Your website should be beautiful on all devices
  4. DONATION: You can build your website to integrate with a variety of non-profit payment processors like DONOR PERFECT or you can also have your web developer create an integration with a payment processor like Authorize.net , PayPal, Stripe, etc. Having an easy to find donate button on your homepage and in your top navigation, will make it easier for users to give.
  5. STORIES: Everyone likes a good story, especially a story of how you impact the population you are trying to serve.  Check out these awesome storytelling non-profit websites. ST. JUDE, CHARITY WATER, THE NAYA FOUNDATION, UNHCRUNHCR
  6. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: Your website needs to be SEO friendly through not only technology but, but frequent content updates and social sharing.  Learn more HERE about SEO.
  7. EASY TO USE: Setting your website and forgetting it will not get you found in Google.  Content is one of the main aspects, especially generating new content at least weekly, will help your organization get found.  BUT if your website is not easy to content manage, it’s going to be hard to engage any of your staffers to keep it up!  We Are Immediate develops easy to use content management systems for non-profits that include WordPress, Umbraco, and custom coding.  We are happy to demonstrate all of our admin panels so you can see how EASY it is!
  8. CONNECTING: Your website should have an easy way for people to register for your email list and connect with you on social media.
  9. CONTACT FORMS: Another way for your user base to connect with your organization to either help, join, or donate.
  10. PAGE TYPES: At a minimum, page types should include:
    • Home Page- Featuring stories, missions, videos, and donation information
    • About- Mission statement, staff members
    • Contact Page- contact form, phone, address and email
    • Donate Page – allow users to enter credit cards and donate
    • Blog/News page – updates for your users and helps with SEO
    • Success Stories

And the MOST important thing is to BE A THING OF BEAUTY.  Remember perception is reality and there is NOTHING that will help your organization more than begin visual and beautiful from the design to the videos and imagery, down to the content writing.  Here are some awesome examples of beautiful websites: THE MEMPHIS ZOO, NAMES FOR CHANGE,  AMERICA FARMLAND TRUST, INVISIBLE CHILDREN and WILDLIFE CONSERVATION SOCIETY.



We hope that helps you get started with a beautiful new non-profit website. Remember, great design and development don’t have to be expensive. If you would like a free consultation and estimate for your non-profit website needs, call us at 212-929-9980.