Benvenuto Cafe

A stunning content managed website…in under 4 weeks!

The Brief

Perry Mallas, the owner of Benvenuto Cafe wanted to re brand and reinvent Benvenuto Cafe. We were immediately hungry to redesign and redevelop his new website. The first one was dated, not SEO friendly, and certainly didn’t showcase his mouth watering food! We happily had many meetings in person at Benvenuto.  We thought in order to best serve (no pun intended) Perry’s clientele, we would design a website that was rich in imagery and robust in function.

The Idea

The first thing we ordered, was a professional photo shoot so that Benvenuto’s fabulous recipes could be showcased online.  From there, we carefully concepted how the imagery could entice everyone- from repeat diners to the pickest eater.  We also wanted to make sure that this busy restaurant owner could easily update everything on the site, from menus to images!

What We Did

Well, you might have guessed it by now: we love using the easy to manage Umbraco CMS for many of our clients, so we designed a luscious visual creation that offers up Benvenuto’s best recipes. We also integrated Benvenuto’s  online ordering system.

The Result

A mobile and SEO friendly, visual restaurant website that leaves you wanting more. (Food, that is!) Traffic to the website increased by 25% and online ordering increased by a whopping 50%!

“We are Immediate provided me with a website designed  in 4 weeks.  Working with this team has been a true pleasure. Their well thought out suggestions have helped me increase my business.”