Center for Medical Weight Loss

NetSuite and PHP solution linking doctors with prospective patients

  • Scream!

Weight Loss

We have all wanted to lose 10 lbs in our lifetime right? Well most of us have. Ok, so SOME of us have. Here’s how Center for Medical Weight Loss services works. Step 1: You get on scale. You scream. Step 2: You search for medically approved weight loss, and you find Center For Medical Weight Loss. Step 3:  You find a doctor in your hood. Step 4: The system automatically alerts the doctor that you have contacted him/her. The system ALSO then automatically creates a patient record. Very cool! Step 5: You are now a confirmed patient and well on your way to losing weight with CMWL.

The Brief

We are Immediate created an amazing integration with NetSuite, Google, Scale Data and a PHP content management system. CMWL is a unique medical weight loss company that has two different consumer bases: the physicians that offer the plan, and the end users: patients who need to lose weight. CMWL needed an easy to manage website that  integrated with a variety of technologies but responded as one slick application.

CMWL used cloud-based SaaS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) NetSuite, because it offers superior usability and a custom set of functionalities. The new site needed to forward patient leads generated from their search campaigns via auto-generated emails to their physician clients. Whew, we lost weight just reading these requirements.

The Idea

Since we already knew that NetSuite was going to be the data host for customers, patients, transactions and sales, we needed to select a content management system that would smoothly integrate with the PHP software. We selected an open source PHP based CMS that offered flexible and easy content management for articles and recipes, as well as an e-Commerce plug-in. The CMS would communicate with NetSuite via NetSuite’s proprietary SuiteFlex* protocol – a SOAP based integration layer. (Right now you are probably saying, “huh?” Basically we just made sure we started with a system compatible with our host and that had all the features we wanted!)

The Result

A dream machine that does more then our client asked for including… increasing revenue, holding thousands of patient records and leads, as well as functioning almost automatically as a revenue generator. Bonus features include:

  • Interacts with direct response campaigns as well as search + forwards leads to physicians via email.
  • Integrates directly with outside digital equipment, allowing doctors to automatically capture important medical information.