Event Registration and Word Press

The BriefIDEA

Cocciardi is a leader in the space of OSHA compliance working in multiple industries from Education, to Oil Refineries, to Government and Health Care. In addition to that,  Cocciardi overs over 140 in-person certifying workshops throughout the year at their two different locations. With the many services they offer, it was important that users could quickly navigate and find exactly what they were looking for with one click!


The Challenge

challengeWe Are Immediate became deeply immersed in understanding and identifying users pain points, as well as to completely rethink the way in which Cocciardi thought about all the services they offered.  We came up with a beautifully designed, easy to manage WordPress website that completely integrated WorkShop event registration.

The Result

WordPress Cocciardi We Are Immediate


Increase in Annual Revenue                                          Increase in Event Registration