Data Distilled

Customized sales data on your mobile or tablet device

  • Sales data at your fingertips!

The Brief

What if you could take 1000’s of spread sheets and view them all in one place?  What if you could make sense of out your sales data… if you could predict the future using the trends of the past. What if you could use social media to predict sales trends? What if you could have all this at your fingertips on your phone, or tablet?

The Solution

We are Immediate designed and developed a customized data visualization tool that allows you to do just that. Personalized just the way you want it, using tailored Java Script, J-Query UI widgets in one powerful, responsive data visualization tool. Data Distilled has AngularJS integration, Bootstrap support and mobile controls.



The Result

Take any sales data, from any data source, combine it with multiple analytic points, such as your media spend, Nielsen ratings, or social media chatter, and what to you have?  A perfect sales predictor tool that helps you understand where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going…plus a road map of how to get there.  Our tool includes multiple drill-downs, responsive design, as well as excel and PDF exports.