Gifted Unique

A Woo-Commerce Website

The Brief

Gifted Unique is a new brand of hand-crafted artisans from around the world.  They needed an exceptional e-commerce website that had advanced search engine optimization along with integrated marketing tools which include hub-spot, Google analytics, and other advanced metrics.  Gifted Unique also integrates with both Stripe Payment Gateway and Salesforce.  Finally, Gifted Unique has a presence on Etsy and the website allows for automatic integration of the Etsy platform without having to duplicate content.

The Challenge

Gifted Unique had a large trade show and needed to have a website built in  8 weeks with over 150 products!  Our team built an expandable solution that allowed for the major growth beating that deadline — in time and on budget!


The Result

The solution an easy to use Woo-Commerce website filled with jewelry from around the world selling faster than  Starbucks Coffee at 8 AM. Sales have soared thanks to the luscious presentation, advanced marketing tools, and social media integration.