World-class website for one amazing maze of a store

The Brief

What can we say about Ikea other than it is one of the most amazing shopping experiences. Ever. In the world. The question was, how could we bring that amazing, maze of a store to the online experience, while at the same time integrating social media into an entirely new e-commerce site?

The Challenge

We were approached by a 4 A’s ad agency to help them come up with this new, unheard-of interface, and the prototype was due…in 5 days.  To top it off, it was the Monday before Thanksgiving weekend.  And honestly, getting it together to work the Friday after Thanksgiving is a bit like, well, having to work the Friday after Thanksgiving!  But we were excited and up for the opportunity to provide world-class wireframes in the time frame our client needed. They don’t call us We are Immediate for nothin’!

The Result

You can see the result in the beautiful e-commerce experience that is now live in the current Ikea website.  Of course, the entire wire framing process took a tad bit longer than the original 5 day time frame we started with. But, we were able to get enough design to the agency to prove that we could deliver the unique user experience that was required for this project.