JNF Steam

Sharing stories about NYC’s largest steam rooms.

  • Powering the largest boiler rooms in NYC

The Brief

Who could believe that the business of steam room design, development and development could be so interesting?  But when we interviewed CEO emeritus Kevin Arcuri, we found out there was far more to the success of this 40+ year old company than meets the eye.  JNF’s  dedication to the lost art of customer service has made them the #1 Steam Valve company in the country and their list of illustruous clients is the proof in the pudding.  Need we say more than: 1 World Trade, Empire State Building and The Chrysler building? “And,” says Sheri, the voice behind the phone that is always answered by a human, “we keep records forever.”  That’s why when a building that had equipment installed 35 years ago, called JNF, they were able to provide records and service for that company.

How We Did It

We know that digtal story telling and sharing is the platform of the future.  So we decided to build a robust website that could be filled with the amazing stories that JNF had to tell:  from the people who worked there, to the buildings they serviced.  JNF steam is there 24/7 for all kinds of emergencies…even if it means making a service call at 4AM in zero degree temperature.  We also needed to build a website that was easy to content manage, so that this lean marketing team could rely on internal employees to make all the updates and changes needed to the website. Based on CEO Chris Thorpe feedback, we decided to build this new website on customized WordPress CMS.

The Result

The result is a stunning, parallax responsive website, beautiful no matter which device it’s viewed in.  With its convenient click to dial features, contact forms, and easy-to-navigate pages, JNF Steam’s new website really puts the human touch back into a mechanical process.  JNF has reported an increase of 25% in web traffic and a 10% increase in conversion.  We Are Immediate could not be happier!