Joint Animal Services

Introducing an out of the box, fully customized WordPress  website in under 60 days.

  • Giving pets a new home

The BriefIDEA

Lacey Animal Services (non-profit) had an outdated site that did not attract users. They wanted a new website that would integrate with their existing pet-finder plugin and help potential pet parents and volunteers easily find all the information they needed about donating, volunteering, adoption and more.

The Challenge

challengeLacey Animal Services had a number of requirements for their new website. They wanted it to have robust search functionality so users could look for and access the 100’s of documents available on their site. All information had to be easy to find, and the animals had to be featured prominently across the website.

The Idea

We Are Immediate is a team of animal lovers, so not only did we spring for this project, but we were adamant that the final website be more than your everyday municipal website. We designed a fun and responsive WordPress site with a colorful, grid-style homepage to highlight each of the main sections of the Animal Services website.

The Result

Built in custom WordPress CMS, the site provides users with access to plenty of information. From the online documents, to the robust search, and to the accordion-styled question and answer pages, the Lacey Animal Services page helps people looking to provide shelter or care to pets in need. We’re looking forward to reading more “Happy Home Stories” soon!”