JSA E-Learning

An awesome Moodle e-learning course for junior sailors!

The Brief

We were asked to design and develop an interactive online Junior Navigation class. That didn’t sound too bad… until we learned that the class was for teenage sailors and it needed to get them to pass the Big Boat Navigation Exam by the end of the summer.

The Challenge

We needed to create a one of a kind learning application that would encourage teenagers to study during summer vacation and allow instructors to check on their students’ progress. It needed to allow for a large number of users with different levels and contain a variety of different content for the lessons.

The Idea

We Are Immediate used Moodle, an open source Learning Management System, to create a learning application to get those junior sailors shipshape. Our course had over 20 chapters of reading material, quizzes, exams, and homework assignments. Design wasn’t easy this time around; all the JSA members had big ideas and strong opinions on what the website should look like.

The Result

We worked hard to create an application that would lead to smooth sailing for the young navigators and the grades are in! Usage rate was around 85% and the majority of the students scored higher on their advanced navigation exams than they had the year before. An added bonus? JSA put its trust in us again for another site. This time, a robust completely customized WordPress website.