Leeza Braun

The BriefIDEA

Leeza Braun Diamonds had amazing custom made diamond jewelry including diamond rings, bracelet, earrings and necklaces.  They had an out of date site that they were not able to update.  Even worse, no one could find them on the web –  potential clients could not find them!

The Challenge

challengeWe needed to take 100’s of products and make sure that the website looked beautiful — beautiful enough so that Leeza Braun’s business could experience sales growth.

The Result

We Are Immediate created an awe-inspiring Woo-Commerce website that brought thousands of new visitors to the Leeza Braun Website.  We created an entirely new brand, detailed search engine optimization, and social media marketing.  Leeza Braun now ranks for over 800 keywords in Google and has increased sales by 20%

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