M & M Sanitation

Awesome web design + development + digital marketing

The Brief

Our task was daunting…to make a beauty out of, well, something that is not so beautiful. After speaking with the owners of M&M Sanitation, we saw that imagery and visualizing a clean city with beautiful equipment was the direction that We Are Immediate needed to take. After seeing the pride that M&M takes in their service, it’s enough to say, we will never look at sanitation the same way again.

The Challenge

Let’s face it. Did you ever hold on to a pair of jeans long past their expiration date? That can happen with web design and development too. We needed to transition M & M Sanitation into a work of art. M&M also required easy administration, fun navigation, and a unique functionality that enabled live interaction with their dispatch. This website was somewhat complex considering the client’s subject matter!

The Idea

We are Immediate envisioned an abstract, elegant, powerful and highly useful application. To make a huge entrance into the web market for M&M Sanitation, we wanted to create a content rich, visually beautiful homepage, so users could find exactly what they needed and M&M could easily content manage. The direction we were given was only that NY, NJ a bridge and a truck needed to be featured on the website.

The Result

Our design is an outrageous, far side of the moon example that undeniably emulates the feel and services of M&M Sanitation. Developed on an .net based open source platform, M&M SANITATION delivers on a subject that most users feel is anything but beautiful. Designed with flair, built on the sturdy Umbraco Content Management System, this website is fun to look at, great to navigate and simple to use. Most importantly, M&M’s new site resulted in increased traffic and sales. M&M loved it so much they trusted us again to build Chelsea Sanitation. Coming Soon!