Only Natural Food

Introducing the largest natural and organic food and recipe database in North America.

The Brief

Only Natural Food dreamed of being the largest organic and natural product review website. Or at least it was only a dream until We Are Immediate stepped in! Together, we realized that people want to eat naturally, but they didn’t want to sacrifice taste for healthiness.

The Challenge

Short on time and armed with a mean-looking, large excel database of products, reviews, information, and links, Only Natural Food needed a solution that was easy-to-use and database driven. We Are Immediate knew we needed a fun, modern design to capture the trendiness of organic and natural food. We also worked hard with Only Natural Food in order to create an effective SEO strategy to increase page ranking and organic traffic.

The Idea

Using an open source .net content management interface, We Are Immediate was able to create a multi-faceted website where recipes, blogs, reviews, and social media all come together in a way that is dynamic yet simple to handle. For the busy team at Only Natural Food, knowing that the site can be easily added to and managed is one less worry as they go off in search of their passion: delicious organic products and recipes.

The Result

With our partnership, Only Natural Food has become the largest natural and organic food and recipe database in North America. Next up! We are excited to be working with them again on a completely new mobile friendly website and Only Natural Food I.O.S and Android App!