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May 21, 2019

Benefits of WordPress Versus Squarespace

by Lori Shecter

We Are Immediate

Some of our clients started with  Squarespace because it is a nearly free solution and has a somewhat robust functionality when it comes to design templates, especially if you are on a low-no budget.  I’ve been somewhat impressed with what We Are Immediate’s clients have been able to do with Squarespace.   We do try and help as many small businesses and non-profits as we can, but we are just not able to put our might behind Squarespace. Here is why:

1:  Completely Customizable:  We design 100% custom WordPress themes.  That means each page is designed with a specific marketing intent and mission in mind.  The layout and structure of the page are designed based on user research from people who use the current website.  We are not guessing the user path, we KNOW the user path.  The page structure is designed to give the user the exact content that they need, depending on which page they landed, and which user group they are a part of.

2:  Search Engine Optimization: Google loves WordPress.  That’s because Google and WordPress have a business partnership.  That’s right.  As slanted as that might be toward WordPress websites, that is the reality of the situation.  We had nothing to do with that.  But also, WordPress is structured from a technological viewpoint, to be well positioned for SEO.  WordPress and Yoast SEO are undisputed world leaders when it comes to SEO.

3: Flexibility:  There is nothing like using WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine.  From e-commerce to membership, to accounting, CRM, social connections, donor management, event management…the list just goes ON AND ON.  Because there are literally over 100,000 plugins (including new ones for WCA ADA compliance) creating a fantastic dream machine to run your business or non-profit organization doesn’t have to be all that expensive.  BUT there is a downside to all this wonder and glory.  Because WordPress plugins are used by people all over the world, Plugins must be updated preferably each time they have a new release.  This might be 2 to 4 hours of work by a developer, but well worth the security.

4:  Easy to Use:  Believe it or not, WordPress admin panels are easier to use than SquareSpace.  Or perhaps it’s just because We Are Immediate makes them that way.  We are NOT talking about the $30 WordPress themes.  We are talking about how we customize your admin panel and page type so that you can easily content manage the pages of your website.

5: Media Storage:  WordPress has media storage so that if you have imagery that you use on more than one page, you do not have to upload it more than once.  You can find it in a jiffy if you need it again.

6: Ownership:  You have 100% ownership of your WordPress website.  With Squarespace, they own 100% of your files, so all the work you’ve done, if you ever decide to migrate, you need to start all over.

We are not saying to not use Squarespace.  For the low or no budget team, it is a good solution.  But as your needs and business grow, it is more likely that you will need to use a more robust website solution.  We Are Immediate provides expert advice and cutting edge solutions when it comes to WordPress design and technology

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