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We Ensure Success.

Our clients' success is the most important part of our job. Website design must answer the specific needs of each client. We create visually captivating pages that encourage increased engagement and performance.


We Ensure Success.


It's all about your goals

We Are Immediate's responsibility is to identify every marketing goal and match every page design with that goal. Next, all pages are designed to deliver those goals using a world-class user experience methodology. We will not stop our UX and Design process until we've answered all requirements with exacting solutions. And according to our clients' testimonials, it's working.

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    EWA - Kristen Obeng, Managing Editor

    As the managing editor for digital content at the nonprofit Education Writers Association, I have been working with Lori and Juan from We Are Immediate for over a year. They’re great people to work with and probably the most responsive people I have ever worked with. Whenever I had an issue or mini website crisis, they always had suggestions, solutions, ideas, and anything else I needed for the complete redesign and content migration of the EWA website. Lori especially has amazing ideas for days. Just talking to her in our regular meetings, she’d come up with a major marketing or design idea off the top of her head.


    CCLR - Rachel Ross, Communications Manager

    The timeline for the site proceeded as expected. Any delays were on our end! The We Are Immediate team turned around all fixes and feedback in an extremely timely manner and it was clear throughout that they cared about our brand and goals. Lori was always extremely responsive and her team turned things around quickly. She was great about working together to find a solution to any issues we brought up. Their flexibility to meet our needs within the scope and budget for the project was exceptional. Our site was quite complex and there were moments that I was sure we weren't going to be able to do exactly the functionality that I had imagined, but they always found a way!


    Riverstone Senior Life Services

    Our website draws consistently increasing views, donors remark that donation is easier with our own portal (as opposed to utilizing a third-party link), and interactive web pages are popular, especially in the light of the remote services necessary during the pandemic. As the pandemic hit us mid-project, we were able to pivot direction to utilize the expertise of We Are Immediate in planning our first-ever virtual gala (and later our second!). These galas brought in amounts similar or slightly greater than in-person galas of years past (and showcased the versatility of We Are Immediate in meeting clients' shifting goals). Working through phone and video, we conferenced between teams and never had a glitch in communication. Busy all around, we were still able to schedule productive meetings, taking into account time zone differences and workloads. We Are Immediate worked closely with us to determine our needs. They went above and beyond to address our most highlighted urgencies. We all learned new insights/skills in the process. Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently? We have recontracted with We Are Immediate over the course of three years --


    Lit-Lessons-Lauren Szczesny- Owner

    They created a clean and simple design, which I appreciated. Their project management was excellent — they were communicative and kept me informed of where they were, how long things would take, and if there were any delays. Whenever I had any comments or questions, Lori would immediately get back to me. They addressed all my concerns. We communicated on an almost daily basis, and I felt very comfortable talking to them. At some point, I reached out during a weekend, and they got back to me. Lori’s honesty and drive were empowering — she wasn’t afraid to state her opinion and make strong suggestions. They did take my feedback, but they also made suggestions, which were backed by reason.


    The Club For Youth - Bill Ward, Executive Director

    Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value - From my first conversation with Lori, I knew my vision would become a reality. She took time and patience as we worked on the project together. Lori and her team are highly skilled, and the amount of knowledge is vast. I will highly recommend them for any project, no matter the scope. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!


    CCS Ohio - Laura Kuhlenbeck - Executive Director

    I highly recommend We Are Immediate. They went above and beyond to assist me with our website design and fundraising efforts. Lori was patient with me throughout the process. I commend her professionalism and expertise.

    Let’s Get Started

    We Are Immediate will reimage the way your organization runs its business from your website, branding, donation software, and social media messaging. If you read our testimonials and now need to raise the stakes, you've come to the right place.

    Our Process

    Phase 1: Discovery, research, goal setting

    We begin all our projects with research and goal setting. From there, we can understand the elements that we must include on each page. We create goals, impact, and success metrics for each page before design so we can apply requirements to each page’s layout and function.

    The discovery phase is key to the success of creating a powerful journey and design experience for your users. We also analyze both primary and available secondary research (Google analytics). We speak with stakeholders and users (if possible) to identify key performance issues. Based on this research, we create the technical documentation for the website, ensuring that every page is designed to perform a task.  Access to Google Analytics will provide us with key metrics i.e. landing pages, time on site, bounce rates, etc. We also like using tools that record actual site usage and provide us with live heat maps and site interaction.

    This is one of the areas that appears most frequently in our clients’ testimonials!

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    Phase 2: User Experience

    After discovery, we create user scenarios, site maps, and wireframes. We make changes based on feedback from stakeholders. testimonials

    • Create a sitemap
    • Evaluate the needs of each page
    • Create page templates based on needs and content type
    • Create wireframes for the front-end website and navigation experience.


    Phase 3: Graphic Design

    Our visual process begins during discovery as we define the style and taste of Lenfest.  We identify websites that inspire you. Next, we design several versions of the homepage and make changes until you are 100% happy. After selecting a single design direction, we complete the most important inner pages. This will include directional findings for fonts, colors, and styles for the overall project. Each page is carefully analyzed based on requirements gathered during the UX phase. instagram.com

    Phase 4: Development and Testing

    We finalize all design and development requirements based on graphic design and wireframes. We deploy a test development environment so that your team can view our progress. We start development as soon as the first group of 4 pages is designed in both desktop and mobile versions. Once these pages are deployed, we QA and start content migration. During development, both front-end and admin panels are tested by our team. Testing occurs in parallel with development to ensure that all pages from both a front-end and back-end perspective function exactly as intended. Our quality assurance engineers, project management team, and developers diligently test the website at the end of each sprint during our agile process. Your teams and your stakeholders are involved in the final QA and testing before launch. We spend 5% of the total development time on QA. Our clients’ satisfaction is evident in their testimonials!

    Phase 5: Maintenance and Security

    We are dedicated to helping you maintain your web application long after development is completed. You will have a dedicated project manager and developer to answer all questions, continue training, and offer suggestions on the continued enhancement of your project. Response turnaround time is usually the same or the next business day. Our testimonials are proof of our compromise.