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March 4, 2016

10 Ways to Improve the Ups and Downs of Your Business

Grow Your Business with We Are ImmediateYou market, you have projects, you stop marketing to deliver the project. The project is over. You start marketing again. Sound familiar? If this happens to you, it’s because you are in the cycle of


This is a cycle that hits ALL SMALL businesses. Here are some pointers to get off the treadmill and have a constant flow of new business. But here is the key…I can give you these tips but they ain’t no good pinned to your refrigerator. And they all relate to the point of this article: ALWAYS BE MARKETING. Each week you should do 1 to 3 things that help your business grow:

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING: write a blog post once per week, at least as it relates to your business. THEN post it everywhere. Facebook, Linked In, wherever your clients hang out.
  2. DEFINE YOUR PERFECT CLIENT: Figure out who brings in 25% of your bread and butter…and target them.
  3. NETWORK: Go to one event a week, whether it be through your chamber of commerce, meet ups, or organizations particular to your business, GET OUT.
  4. YOUTUBE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: If you CAN, make a few videos about who you are, what you do, and put them up on YouTube. Make sure you add key words properly and link them back to your website. Google LOVES YouTube because it owns it.
  5. REFERRALS: Call your old clients and follow up with how they like your product or service. Tell them about any new services you offer. Ask them if they can recommend you to their friends.
  6. YOUR WEBSITE: Make sure your website ROCKS! Great pictures, descriptions and is web 2.0. Make sure you have Google analytics embedded in your website so you can SEE where your traffic is coming from.
  7. LOCAL BUSINESS? Use Google Adwords Express to start driving traffic to your website or special offer.
  8. DON’T TRY TO DO ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS: Pick 2 or 3 and see what kind of web results/phone calls you get.
  9. HAVE A SEAMLESS DESIGN for all your print and digital material. Make sure your brand is recognizable.
  10. ALWAYS BE MARKETING: If you stop during the busy season you will be left again with a dry season.

If you just do one of these things twice a week, it will help YOU get off the treadmill of feast or famine. Improve your business today!  Contact we are Immediate to get a hard working website to do just that!

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