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May 14, 2017

Using WordPress for Small Businesses…


or any business for that matter!

WordPress has become a huge name for content managed website not only in the United States but around the world.  The reason? Not only did the WordPress team do a great job of marketing their brand, but it was truly the first open source content management system in the world.  So, what happened?  Many development teams jumped on the bandwagon and began to develop literally 100’s of thousands of advanced plugins that will allow most reasonable functionalities to occur within the WordPress ecosystem. Whether or not you are a small business (under $5 million in revenue) or medium-sized business (to $25 million) WordPress has a solution for you.

Keeping WordPress Easy to Use!

It took me a long time to really like WordPress and to be a convert. Why? I didn’t understand that customized WordPress admin panels and design were the only way to make an easy-to-use content management system.  Many of our clients wanted a quick and cheap website, so started by using WordPress templates. Since I was very used to using another CMS, Umbraco (which I still love, btw) I was having a difficult time making the switch to using WordPress.  But after installing these templates a few times, we realized we were not providing our clients with the best admin panels possible.  They got frustrated and we got upset because we realized that other people’s code, which is precisely what a template is, did not offer our small business clients the easiest solution.  We now only offer custom WordPress solutions because when We Are Immediate develops the admin panel, we are able to give you an easy to manage WordPress admin panel.

If you think you have a business problem that can’t be solved by WordPress, think again! Here are a few of the solutions we have built customizing WordPress for We Are Immediate’s small business clients.

1.  WordPress E-Commerce: Check out Leeza Braun!

WordPress is great for e-commerce.  ( We Are Immediate develops in multiple e-commerce solutions that include Magento, Shopify, and as well as customized development.  We have to say (and kudos for our team!) the Woo-Commerce interface rocks with many amazing features such as inventory control, payment gateway integration and complete design customization.  Using WordPress for a small businesses e-commerce is a smart idea because of the features that rival Magento and other more expensive, complex alternatives.  We are Immediate can help you have a dream machine that will engage your customers and drive sales and your overall profitability.

2.  WordPress for Donation: Check out Joint Animal Services

Do you have a non-profit that makes under $3 million per year?  Are you reliant on software that charges you a monthly fee?  We understand that you may have been with these software companies for years and are worried about making the move, and we won’t say that software changes can take time and patients (and who has that?) But, that being said, are if you are not happy with your current set up, WordPress offers a perfect solution for software that you can own without paying licensing fees.  (This does not include processing fees which you will have to pay from your payment gateway and your bank.)  Having a WordPress website that you have complete control over can add to your profit line.

3.  WordPress for Memberships: Check out Tech Women

Whether you have content or events that are membership driven, WordPress offers a robust solution to help you increase membership and site usage. How can a membership-based WordPress website be used to help your business or non-profit?

  • Important paid content is behind a members-only wall
  • Members can receive discounts  for events, products or content
  • Offer seminars or other valuable information for paid memberships

4.  WordPress for Events: Check out Cocciardi

Are you using event software and paying a small fortune for every ticket you sell?  By owning your own WordPress for event solution, you can have an all-in-one website that has robust payment and reporting features including customized templates, recurring billing, Google map integration, attendance reports, financial reporting, integration with CRM software and more.

5.  WordPress for E-Learning

Do you have the need for a SCORM based e-Learning website?  WordPress e-learning plug-ins integrate with course software including Articulate and articulate 360,  Asentia, Litmos, Lessonly, LearnUpon and others that you might be using. The easy to use WordPress SCORM can be much more affordable than either Moodle or Blackboard.

In the end…

As you can see, there is a myriad of solutions that WordPress can provide to your small business.  We Are Immediate is happy to help provide you with a detailed analysis of your needs and how we can help you grow your business.

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