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September 15, 2022

Why you need a mobile website

by Lori Shecter

You’re a busy person, and your website has been working for you (is it really?- link to fine or redesign). You probably don’t want to worry about where your site traffic is coming from- but you should, because research shows that the vast majority of internet users own a smartphone, and that consumers are spending more time browsing and making purchases on their mobile devices.

With that in mind, think- is your site mobile-optimized? Does it work for you? If you open your site on a smartphone, how is your navigation? Is it easy to make purchases or submit information?

If you answered no to any of these questions (or described an ugly, clunky, or dysfunctional navigation), you could be missing out a good portion of your potential audience.

This is true across all industries, although there is more data for eCommerce sites. The key to a great mobile site is having a clean design, simple (and easily accessible!) navigation, a clear path towards your call to action (purchase or otherwise), and interactive content. Don’t assume that your mobile users will interact with your site in the same way that your desktop users do. Many mobile websites are lighter and leaner for a reason.

Your mobile website can also be invaluable to local customers. Targeted ads or feeds based on location can lead to greater conversion rates. Many local searches yield purchases within the hour. Even if the path to conversion doesn’t stop on your mobile device (more and more people use multiple devices during a purchase decision), having a well-designed mobile website can make or break whether a consumer reaches out to you.

Should you create a mobile website or just an app?

You need to have a mobile-optimized website. When companies have poorly designed mobile sites, customers not only switch to competitors, but also refuse to recommend their services.

With all this in mind, it would be silly not to consider what a mobile-optimized website could do for you.

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