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March 4, 2022

Help for Ukrainian Refugees

by Lori Shecter

To anyone who needs this information, here are links for people  needing help leaving Ukraine.  I will keep updating this list as I get more links and information. Please note these are from a variety of resources but I believe them to be helpful.


Ukraine Now
Hospitality Support

ICK Pickup/Evacuation


This is perhaps the largest resource for evacuation from different parts of Ukraine. Telegram channel with 40K+ members – many opportunities to find export.

Telegram bots that help find travelers/evacuate from areas of combat

Groups in the Telegram (to  find export):

Official Telegram channel “Ukrzaliznytsia” the schedule of all evacuation trains from all cities is posted daily:

Telegram Bots

@saveua_bot – this bot connects those who need help and those who can provide it: shelter, transport, food. medical supplies and etc d. Indicate where you are, what you need, or where you can help.
@nampodorozi_bot – this bot helps Ukrainians and Ukrainians who have nothing to  find each other with cars
@VolunteersHotlineBot – this bot has been created to help the military and the people of Ukraine. A volunteer hotline to offer or receive help.

General Facebook Groups

Three huge FB resources for supporting refugees from Ukraine. There you can find specific different help from individuals and additional resources too. There are details on different countries bordering Ukraine and cities of Ukraine.

(380K people)
(225K people)
(6K people)

Verified driver/export/evacuation service of refugees to/abroad from different parts of Ukraine:

Facebook Groups for Help in Other Countries

General Facebook Group

Other General Information:

Please note:  These can change – I took them from a Facebook group so please check these requirements through other sources.

  • Europe lets everyone in, even without documents includeing:  Lithuania, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia and Romania.
  • Ukraine releases everyone except men of conscription age. Departure for men aged 18 to 60 from Ukraine is closed due to general mobilization.
  • At the borders, there is an simplified regime, a domestic passport or a birth certificate is enough.
  • Also, you don’t need permission from the second parent.
  • No documents are needed for animal export at the moment.

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY TO THE EU –  Entry from Ukraine to Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary:

  • Citizens of Ukraine with biometric passports can enter without visa, vaccinations and any other additional documents through border crossing points. They can follow on to any EU country.
  • Citizens of Ukraine without biometric passports must ask for asylum or additional protection (azyl) RIGHT AT THE BORDER. This is important t to. otherwise you will be considered illegals in the country. In this case, you will be provided with accommodation and food at the expense of the state and help with documents.
    In that case, the visitors must remain in the country through which they first entered the EU until their refugee status or asylum has been decided.


It is important not to be in danger after crossing the border. After all, in addition to help, refugees can expect many dangerous situations, including human trafficking. Take care of yourself!
1. Never give a passport to anyone except a border guard.
2. When traveling by someone else’s car or bus, inform your family or friends of your location.
3. Carry cash somewhere hidden with you, even in a few places.
4. Remember the phone numbers of a few reliable people who will help you when you need them.
5. Develop a code word with your friends and family so that if you’re in danger and can’t say it, they know what it means.
6. Check how western union/venmo/any other money transfer service works before you need it set up everything you need.



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