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April 24, 2020

Virtual Gala Planning Guide

by Lori Shecter

This virtual planning guide can help you kick off your virtual gala!  My background in television helped me understand two things:  Live events are great but videotaped events might be better!  They can have the feeling of a live event, but without the room for error.

If you do decide on the live idea, we do recommend hiring a zoom expert — they can be your host and will help your technical needs.  You can find experts on UPWORK — however, you need to interview your host in the same way that you would interview any potential employee and make sure you ask for examples and references of work.

A Successful Virtual Gala Planning Guide

This video guide will take you step-by-step on how to set up and plan your gala. If you prefer to download the PDF, CLICK HERE

Please NOTE:  We want to continually update this guide.  If you have questions, please use our Google form to enter them:  MORE QUESTIONS ENTER HERE!

Virtual Planning Webinar



These links are more details on helping you to get sponsors to your gala, make your website gala friendly, and to stimulate your creative thought processes!

I hope this guide helps you plan a successful virtual gala.  If you need any help understanding this guide, please CLICK HERE to schedule a pro-bono appointment!




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