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March 10, 2021
by Lori Shecter

This is the perfect time to be creative. Maybe you have to cancel your gala or other people gathering event. Either way, these virtual ideas for fundraisers can come in handy whether it’s Flu Season or not! If you already have sponsors lined up, it’s pretty assured they will all understand the predicament you are in. Weve been hearing that sponsors are more than happy to continue to be involved no matter what the new platform for fundraisers is.

Annual Dog Walk, Virtual WalkRegister and fundraise. Instead of meeting altogether, walk the three miles where they are most comfortable — share videos and photos to social media, and your website. Again can be tied to live raffle.
Fun Stay at Home packageThis requires a nice featured sponsor page on your website and all social media. The stay at home packages can combine Gift Cards, Dining out or Order in Cards, Wine Delivery, Fruit and cheese delivery from Harry and David or another such gift. People can send you images / videos that can be used for social media. Tie in with online Raffle. Raffle can be live FB streamed or live tools.
Virtual Dance MarathonLive stream from your location — possible you dancing and enjoying wine. Have people send you their videos and donations. Use and tag on social media and donate. Tie into a contest so that donations and “entries” can have levels of prizes like a raffle
Phantom BallWhy pay for a sitter, fancy dress and hair, when you can donate to a great cause instead? This link describes one non-profit’s experience. 
Virtual Wine Tasting Event
More Links to Wine Fund Raising
One more Wine Raising
Art BasedSince you ARE saving money on Gala fees, maybe use artwork that can be purchased from your clientele and made into beautiful greeting cards. Graduation is around the corner as are weddings, engagements, etc. Mail and ask for a donation
Viral ChallengeThis might take some creativity but come up with a Viral challenge that can be designed to be completely remote (i.e. the ICE BUCKET Challenge)
Online SummitAdding this link because I don’t know how this can raise money but…
Reach out to Big Event SponsorsOK, so this is about understanding the needs of your big event sponsors so that you can create something special for them. And that something special really depends on what your organization does. so if you are an art gallery — name a room after them. Post information about them and why they sponsor you in that room, on your website. This is also the time that you can take money that you save from your event and hire videographers to have your sponsors talk about WHY they sponsor you. That information can be used in all sorts of social media. I am happy to talk to anyone about what this can mean for your organization or how to create a special sponsorship package
GalaStart working on sponsorships now and explain your rationale of moving event
In Lieu of GalaSell Tickets to order in dinners. Pay for the dinners. Double the price to make a profit. Help local restaurants with the Crisis. Send some Branded Champagne and a tote bag of goodies
In Lieu of AuctionAuction: Switch to ONLINE Auction
Gala In Lieu of RaffleRaffle: Switch to ONLINE RAFFLE
In Lieu of RaffleHave smaller dinner parties at individual homes. Have one honoree at each home. Live auctions and raffles on a streaming platform
In Lieu of RaffleWrite all the people who attended last year. Explain the situation and offer dinner Gift Cards
Raffle8 days of fundraising: A clever email campaign that will ask those donors who always donate to donate today. Include raffle items/tickets. Create the Raffle page on the website. with items that will be raffled. Do a daily email / social/ campaign to your audience.
Overall Fund RaisingUsing your website, have a peer-to-peer drive. Have users share your page.
SponsorshipsCreate out-of-the-box sponsorships that MEAN something more than just a table. This can mean naming rooms, programs, honors, and awards after the sponsor. Ensure that the sponsor has strong visibility on your website to inform users WHY that sponsor supports your fundraiser org.
Gala HonoreesVide tape speeches of honorees and put on Youtube, Social and your website

We hope these ideas for fundraisers help you. We have also created a LIVING GOOGLE DOC of these events should you wish to add your ideas. fundraisers 

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