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April 7, 2015

Engagement: Social Media vs Your Website

Social media aficionados love to tell you that your social media profiles are the best way to get people talking about your product or service. They’ll say that it is important to post relevant content that gets traffic through likes and shares and that engaging content is key to achieving the goals you have in mind. Where we stand, social media is only part of the equation.

  1. What is the goal of your business?
    The goal of any business is to engage its audience and convert them into sales. This is a place where your website succeeds far more handily than your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Why? Social media helps you raise awareness about your brand and get your foot in the door, but solid information and presence is what sets you apart and turns viewers into consumers.
  2. What does this mean for engagement?
    This means that your website is invaluable when it comes to driving sales and gaining leads. Think about it. When you want to look up a business, where do you go? Most people still use a business’s website to learn more about their services, give or read feedback, ask questions, and make their purchases. It makes sense because your website should be built with plenty of easy to find content, including important pieces of information such as your mission, blog posts, and services.
  3. Are you saying that websites are more important than social media?
    Many people may share your work on social media, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they actually have strong ties to your brand. Especially since social media platforms are owned by other companies, you have no say in what your audience sees (competitors… ads…). Websites allow you to target your audience and engage them in a way that fully represents your business. In addition, your website has the added benefit of being yours.
  4. Should I bother with social media, then?
    Social media is a fantastic way to get the latest stories and promotions. A good social media profile should also act as an extension of your business. They promote brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

The bottom line is that your company should utilize both its social media profiles as well as its website.  After all, they do work together really well: social media drives traffic to your website…. And your website keeps them around until some convert.

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