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January 13, 2020

Four Important SEO Steps for a Non-profit or Business

by Lori Shecter


Many non-profit organizations and small businesses alike wonder how in the world they can achieve SEO results (Search Engine Optimization) without an SEO company doing the work for them. Yes, it can happen faster with an SEO company, but perhaps you don’t have the budget for it. What you do have is time (No? You have to make the time — even if it’s one hour a day) to get your small business or non-profit coming up in organic search results. We know that following these important SEO steps for a non-profit or small business will help you get found organically!

First, what is SEO?

If you don’t already know this, it is coming up organically (not paid results in Google). For example, if you Google “non-profit website development” We Are Immediate comes up #1 in organic search results. We come up with our business listing and an article that I wrote about non-profit web development in July 2019. This did not happen overnight. It took six months of work.

Search Engine Optimization

Steps you can take to start ranking organically

1:  Set up your Google Business Page

Click Here to start setting up your Google Business page. Remember Google loves its own products. Consider your Google business page the same as any social media page, and handle it with as much care. You need to feed your Google page the same way you feed your other social media vehicles.

  • Upload photos of your non-profit or business.
  • Get your clients, patrons, and employees to write reviews.
  • And lastly, post 1 or 2 updates about your business or non-profit every week.

2:  Content is king


Step 2 of the important SEO steps is writing content that includes your keyword. This hasn’t changed since the beginning of Search Engine Optimization. The more content you write, the more that Google likes you. In order to rank on keywords, the page must have that keyword mentioned a minimum of two times in the article. This is step 2 of four important SEO steps.

We Are Immediate uses WordPress to build all our customized websites. WordPress has an amazing plugin called Yoast that helps content writers properly structure articles for proper SEO. Below is an image of this article:

3:  Share your content across multiple social media platforms

That helps with getting people to your article. For example, I am going to share this article in the following pages:

  • We Are Immediate FB page
  • Non-Profit Marketing Page (which we started)
  • Linked In
  • Google Business Page
  • Email – Emailing to our client list

4: Set Up Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics

You should have both Google Analytics and FB pixels on your website. If you don’t know how to do this, your webmaster should be able to help you. This will show you where your traffic is coming from, which pages they go to, and the impact of any paid advertising or Search engine optimization.

And make sure that:

  • You have a Google site map installed on your website
  • You have Google webmaster tools set up
  • You check and make sure that all your pages are indexed by Google through the webmaster tool.

Don’t ever give up!

No matter how difficult it seems, do not give up hope. You need to invest time and energy. If you can’t get this completed yourself, try enlisting volunteers or interns to help. When We Are Immediate got too busy to write, we lost ranking. Even we had to focus our energy on important SEO steps for our company in order to maintain our organic ranking.

More Important SEO Steps for a Non-profit

  • Make sure you name all your photos with the keyword you want to rank on
  • Link your article to other vehicles off your site as well as social media
  • Link the article to other similar ones on your website
  • Squarespace does have some SEO components. Read their guide if you have a Squarespace website.

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