Non-Profit Website Design

We build award-winning websites that transform organizations.  We believe that every non-profit should have a stunning,  custom-designed website that will ensure its mission achieves its goals.  

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    Results-Driven Solutions

    We completely immerse ourselves in your non-profit’s mission.  By getting inside your DNA, we are able to create a technical and visual experience that connects your business requirements to the needs of your organization, from donations and funding to engaging the community who most needs your services. We create a 360 experience from your website down to your social media creative.  Our results are proven.  We look forward to changing your organization.



    McSilver came to us with an old Drupal website with limited ability to update content.  We created responsive, ADA compliant website that saw a traffic increase of over 106%. “We wanted to showcase the impact of McSilver’s programs on eliminating poverty, and our robust news website  does just that. It goes beyond our wildest imagination.”        -Miles Martin, McSilver Institute



    “We Are Immediate created a luscious, easy-to-navigate website for the nonprofit I represent,  with expert vision, guidance and creativity. Not to mention patience! An overhaul like ours required intense interaction, and Lori and her team were brilliant forward-thinkers and get-it-done folks, even when my busy nonprofit schedule didn’t allow for me to provide ideal hands-on time. “ Mary Ellen Sanger, Riverstone NYC



    • Complete control over content management
    • Integration with Donor Software
    • Integration with membership platforms
    • Integration with accounting software such as QuickBooks
    • Integration with CRM systems such as SalesForce
    • Integration with all payment gateways
    • Build-in event registration
    • Custom reports
    • Multi-level roles


    100% Customization  
    100% Control   
    Customized Functionality  
    Integration with Most  Software  
    You own the code  

    Learn more our non-profit website development

    1:  Our commitment to non-profit website development

    We Are Immediate realized that there are 1000’s of organizations in the United States and around the world that don’t get the support or recognition that they need.  We started out by donating financially to many organizations but realized our impact could not reach as many as we wished.  That is why we started a non-profit website development division…  we now can serve non-profits on a much grander scale and help them their goals, one digital step at a time.

    2:  What makes us different?

    From the voice of several of our clients…”you got inside our minds to understand how we can achieve our mission.  You gave us something that has become so important, but at the time, we didn’t know we needed it.”

    3:  What is your non-profit website development process?

    We work with every non-profit exactly the same as we work with our for-profit big-budget clients.  We start with a deep dive into your mission and your business requirements.  We then provide wireframes CLICK HERE for an example.  You approve the wireframe and then we go on to graphic design.

    4:  How do I know that I will like the website that you design for our organization?

    Our process ensures that you will be flabbergasted with your new website.  How do we know?  After a deep dive discovery with you, we provide you with multiple design selections.  From there, we iterate on design to perfect the overall look and feel. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

    5:  How much does a non-profit website cost?

    We work with you based on your budget restrictions.  Payment is spread out over the cost of several months to ensure that every non-profit can afford a robust and powerful website guaranteed to help you achieve your mission.