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October 6, 2021

10 Important Elements of Non-Profit Website

by Lori Shecter

Your website is the gateway to your non-profit.  It has to do amazing things for your organization and it is the only digital vehicle that you have complete control over.  With Facebook rolling out changes everyday, your non-profit website can help raise money, bring in new clients, and ensure that any donor, sponsor or grantor has the right impression of your non-profit.  The wrong non-profit website can hinder your ability to accomplish your mission.  This top 10 list of essentials can help your non-profit achieve the miracles it sets out to do!

  1. Homepage – do people understand what you do and why? Since people have the attention span of a gnat, (the average time spent on a page is under :30 seconds according to Google) they need to know, Immediately after landing on your homepage what you do and why you do it.  EXAMPLE 1,  EXAMPLE 2
  2. Easy ways to donate – and I’m not talking a pay-pal button. Is your donate page compelling? Does it share information about what you need the money for and who it will help?  EXAMPLE 1, EXAMPLE 2
  3. Stories: Client stories will help humanize your mission and make people understand why they should donate.  We created these videos mostly by using ZOOM, free YouTube Music and a video editor.  EXAMPLE
  4. Impact: No matter how large or how small, how many people, animals, places, or things have you affected.  This helps tell YOUR story. EXAMPLE 1
  5. Staff Pages: we want to know WHO YOU ARE
  6. Program details: What you do and how you do it
  7. News/Blog: Keep us updated on all your events and activities
  8. Areas for sponsorship: Showcase the largest donors. They deserve your attention.
  9. Video testimonials: they tell a story a million times better than words
  10. Check out how it looks on a handheld device: You might not be able to do this as easily but nonetheless, give it a try!
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