10 Powerful Ways To Improve Email Donations

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August 7, 2021
by Lori Shecter

You have little time, so here goes the down and dirty. And by the way? This article was written using these tips to improve email donations.

1: Stop using services like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.

These resources often end up in spam or the promotions tab of Gmail. Use a service like YESWARE instead. Our recent open and click rates are between 30% -50%.

2: The subject line.

Did you open up my email? That’s because my headline was of interest to you.  What is of interest to your donor or sponsor or a new client? Information about how they helped you or how you can help them. Your subject line should be charged with emotive language.

3: Be very specific.

Use a number. For example, How You Can Help Us Succeed is not as powerful as 5 Ways you can help feed our puppies.

4: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

Your headline can read “Register for our Gala” (not so exciting) or it can read “Gala tickets almost sold out” Or, “Join the most fun date of your weekend”

5: What’s in it for them?

If they open your email, what will they get? Will they be moved by your stories? Learn something new? Get a stuffed animal for donating to the cause?

6:  Use this Kick Apps tool to Improve your headlines!

Analyzer Tool. I used it to write the headline of this blog post.

7:  Master the hook.

Show donors, sponsors, volunteers what they can get. And by get, I mean an emotional feeling of goodness and well-being that helps support your mission. Humble Design is one of my favorites for impassioning me to donate. And so is St. Judes. Why? Because I WANT to give hope.

8:  Write compelling body copy.

  • Keep it short: People don’t read anymore.
  • Keep it simple: Don’t use very long sentences or descriptions
  • Keep it personal: You probably get lots of emails asking you to donate, and sure, it’s hard to make a choice because so many organizations need your help.
  • Write how you talk: You’re not writing a research paper
  • Don’t use big words for the sake of big words

9:  Link back to your donation page.

Make it really simple to donate. Your donation page should have easy ways to give any amount as well as a recurring billing option. Remember $5/month is pretty much less than a Cappuccino at Starbucks in most cities! Tell them what each amount per month will help you do. improve email donations

10:  Followup once per month.

Respect people’s wishes if they want to opt-out but ALSO follow up once per month with a great success story — not just an ask. That keeps people involved in your organization!

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