5 MORE Ideas for Social Media Posts for Non-Profits!

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March 21, 2023
by Juan M. Jimenez

We hear you. Keeping up with social media, on top of working our socks off, can be tough. Here are 5 MORE ideas for social media for your non-profit, so you can take a second off:

1: Origin Story
Your origin story is the narrative of how your non-profit came to be. It should include details about what inspired you to start the organization, what challenges you faced along the way, and how you overcame them. It should also showcase the unique qualities or value proposition of your non-profit and why it’s worth helping you help others.

2: Appreciate Your Supporters
From time to time, it is a good idea to take the spotlight from the organization and your work and point it at your followers, donors, and all who help. This can be a great way of showing gratitude and making them feel appreciated, and that their effort is worth it.

3: Testimonials
This is one of the best ways of showcasing how your organization affects the community and why all the effort and hard work pay off. You can ask someone who has benefitted from your non-profit’s work to write or record a piece talking about the help you’ve provided and how your followers’ help actually translates into actual positive actions! For someone who is trying to decide if they donate or not, seeing someone other than yourself endorsing your work can be a key factor.

4: Make It Personal / Presentation
Sometimes people have a hard time relating to a whole organization of people. One way to avoid that potential problem is to, from time to time, have one of your members (or yourself) introduce themselves and show the work they do personally, and show the behind-the-scenes of the non-profit. Show the public how what you get done, gets done.

5: What are you doing? What’s on the horizon?
This can also be very helpful not only for the public but for yourself as well. Make a post talking about what you’re doing/working on right now, and what the desired result would be. Also, you can show what’s coming, whether it be events, an important milestone in one of your projects, etc. It can create/elevate a much-needed sense of structure and planning for the future.

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