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December 16, 2020

Donation pages that convert

by Lori Shecter

Donation pages that convert… my favorite topic to talk about. Why? Because there are so many simple solutions that every non-profit can implement. There is no secret sauce, but rather common sense. And please, why are so many donation pages the UGLIEST page of all? Here is where you really need to shine in order to get people to commit to you. Check out this 10-minute read.

5 Steps for donation pages that convert

Your non-profit website should and CAN increase donations to your non-profit. Donation pages are too often overlooked by many non-profits even though it is one of the most important pages of your website. Your donation page needs to convince people to take action — enter their credit cards and hit submit.

What makes you donate? What are your triggers? You probably never analyzed your “why” (other than donating to your own organization or that of someone you know). But it all comes down to some common sense page structure and elements.

1- Compelling storytelling: Let’s get real – the reason people will donate to your organization is that they want to help those that you help. Featuring stories of those you help (be it people, pets, places, or things) is one of the most important elements of a donation page. Stories can be text, images, or a powerful video. A picture speaks 1000 words, a video speaks a million. This example shows you every element that makes a donation page work:

  • What the money does
  • An easy and integrated donation form
  • Impact on community
  • More ways to connect
  • Video storytelling

Live Website Example: SSSEVA.ORG

2- Be specific about how donations are used: There are even more granular ways that you can build a campaign:  for example sponsor a child, a family, a piece of medical equipment, a research study, etc. Getting very specific with a goal to reach helps engage the community in helping you reach that goal. North Shore Animal League Sponsor a Pet.

We know these changes work. We have the statistics to prove that compelling donation pages increase website donations.

Donation Pages

3- Share your stories: While it’s most impactful to share stories on your donation page, having them on other pages will also drive donations. One of the most powerful storytelling pages that I’ve seen is from Humble Design. Every story on their website makes you cry and makes you want to give.

4- Share your Impact: If you have helped one person with your non-profit, ONE,  that is one person that has a different life because of your organization. I know an organization that helps 20 women a year stay out of jail and get their children out of the system. To me, that’s 20 WOMEN! More than just a number, a huge number for the kind of impact the organization makes. So, whether you share your impact on your donation page (like the SSSEVA first example) or on inner pages, make sure you have your IMPACT in a place that people can find. Example of (in beta)

Donation Pages

5- Donations should be easy and integrated: The donation experience should look professional, be seamless, and be easy.  Whether you link to a separate donation software page or have it integrated into your website, please make it professional and easy (wait, I said that already. ) You can view it through Google analytics or if people are leaving your site before they donate. Please, don’t say you don’t have Google embedded in your site. If you need Google on your website… we will help you pro-bono.

Contact US NOW!

6- Many ways to donate: Offering multiple giving plans means multiple ways that people can donate. While you may not have multiple ways right now, here is an example of how multiple ways to donate can work for your organization. Each donation page that links from this landing page offer a customized experience based on what the donor helps to accomplish. Live Website Example: SSSEVA.ORG

Donation Pages

7- Mobile Experience: One more bonus point: If your donation page isn’t easy to use through mobile devices you lose 40 -90% of your potential donors. Always, always make sure that your donation page is optimal from both a design and technology experience.

If you need any help with the design of your donation page, we are happy to provide you with guidance. To schedule a call, please call or email us:

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