Donations for Nonprofits | How to Encourage Them

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July 12, 2023
by Juan M. Jimenez

Donations for nonprofits are not as linear as they might seem to you. They are the last part of a process (hopefully taken not just once) that should be made as smooth, clear, and simple as possible, by you.

If you are not sure why you are not getting as many donations as expected, and want to learn what it takes to make the process more effective, you need to look at said process from the users’ point of view. This will allow you to identify and eliminate certain frustrating points that might be in the way of your donations.

When you consider the path of the potential donor on your website, it’s key to remember that they are already in the middle of a process when they reach your website, and it needs to be taken into account. They will mostly have certain expectations such as:

  • They want a simple and secure way to donate. Research has shown that the preferred way is through a website, and using their credit and debit cards. The process tends to be always the same, but help them get there, easy and quick!
  • The general tone of your website and your calls to action should match the way a donor feels (or wants to feel) when they donate. You don’t want to be pushy or disinterested.
  • Credibility. They need to know if you are legitimate and that their money will go straight to its destination. Include reviews, real-life stories, data about past donations, the impact your organization has, etc.
  • Reinforcing the last point: show them the impact your work has!

Remember to always be clear about your goals, about your process and always back it up by showing results. Donations for nonprofits can be tricky, but there is no more effective way to convince them than by showing their money will actually make a difference!

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