No More Kids with Cancer is a non-profit research accelerator. We serve children with cancer — and the doctors and researchers working to save them — who urgently need alternatives to the 50s-era, inhumane, side-effect-laden standard treatments used today. We focus exclusively on accelerating the discovery of safe, effective, modern treatments for children with cancer. No More Kids with Cancer is dedicated to backing groundbreaking translational research — such as genetic sequencing, precision medicine and clinical trials — that leverages the latest understanding in cancer biology to bring safer, and more effective treatments for children. Collaborating with leading scientists — who share our belief that more research leads to more options — we’re working toward our vision of No More Kids With Cancer. No More Kids with Cancer is a registered trademark of The Naya Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Our MissionDiscover non-toxic treatments and cures for pediatric cancer so children with cancer can live long and healthy lives. We achieve our mission by funding groundbreaking translational research that leverages the latest understanding of cancer biology – research that will create new treatments that save more children’s lives.