Find the right non-profit web designer – 8 Tips to make it easy

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November 15, 2022
by Lori Shecter
Finding the right non-profit web designer is essential for every organization. Whether your company is just starting out or you are a well-established non-profit that needs a website refresh, the right website designer plays a crucial role in your success. Your website should be working hard to help your website succeed in achieving your marketing goals and mission. You can use it for donations, event registration, procuring grants and partnerships, educating the public about your programs, providing resources, and connecting to your CRM, among other things.  A good non-profit website designer should understand what makes non-profits tick. They should be able to explain how they will use their skills to make your site more effective. They should also be willing to work closely with you to ensure that your goals match up with theirs. As we know all too well, finding the right web design team is not an easy task. Here are 8 tips to make your life easier!

1: Non-Profit Web Design Portfolio

Any non-profit web designer you consider should have many non-profit web design examples on their website. A portfolio is helpful because it will give you an idea if the functions and features that you require are something the non-profit web designer has already created for other non-profits. We Are Immediate features several of the most recent non-profit web designs on our portfolio page which you can view by clicking here.

2: Pricing

One of the most important aspects of finding the right non-profit web designer is how they price their services. The range of a website varies greatly as does maintenance. The best way to ensure that you have a detailed Request for Proposal.

3:  Quality of their Proposal

If you did create an RFP, was their proposal dedicated to your requirements, or was it a boilerplate? The way they write proposals is a good indication of how they will be to work with.

4: References

I can’t tell you how important references are. Please make sure that you call at least two or three. Make sure you can see the websites that the non-profit web designer built for them. Ask them at least 5 questions regarding their experience with your “right non-profit web designer” including:

  • Would you hire them again?
  • Did you enjoy working with them”
  • Did they design and develop a perfect website for your non-profit organization?
  • Is the website easy to use?
  • Do you have success metrics?

5: Review technology

We Are Immediate builds non-profit websites in WordPress. We love it. It is easy to use and extremely robust when it comes to functionality. We always demonstrate the admin panels of our websites so our potential clients can see how it works and whether it will be a good fit for their team.

7:  Other services they may offer

Does this team have other skills that you would like to use? This can make it easy for you to stay in one place for many digital requirements. For example:

8: In-person or remote interview

There is nothing like meeting in person or remotely. You will get a truer understanding of how the “perfect non-profit web designer” (or team) will interact with you and your stakeholders. You can see facial expressions, clarify answers to questions you may have, and ask for that online demo of their admin panels.

If you are ready to hire your perfect non-profit web designer, please fill out our 5-minute questionnaire and we get back to you shortly! We look forward to helping you with your non-profit website.


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