How to Use Your Data to Showcase Your Impact

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July 12, 2023
by Juan M. Jimenez

While storytelling is a powerful means to showcase a nonprofit’s impact in the community, it is not the only source of inspiration for supporting the mission, seeking assistance, or advocating for the cause. We’ve put together a little guide on how to use your data and how to harness it to showcase your impact.

Explore the many possibilities to liberate data and statistics from those boring PDFs and transform them into meaningful snippets of information scattered throughout your website. Discover the art of converting numerical data into compelling and educational website content that inspires and informs.

Stats for Nonprofits

Data complements other website content and adds credibility to your nonprofit’s mission and programs. While storytelling builds trust and conveys impact, incorporating statistics showcases the organization’s potential for further achievements.

When seeking data, consider a range of options, including straightforward statistics, charts, graphs, and maps. There are many ways to visualize it all.

Ensure that data is seamlessly integrated into your narrative, enhancing the user journey on your website and compelling visitors to take the next step.

How to Use the Data?

As you may have already understood, there are many ways to repurpose and share your nonprofit’s data and stats without being too academic or technical for your average user. Here are some of the ways and places you can use it!

  • Homepage: In our recipe for a compelling homepage, we recommend incorporating impact numbers to provide visitors with a quick assessment of a nonprofit’s credibility. Depending on the information accessible, you can narrate a story through numbers, emphasizing the significance of your programs and the necessity for donations.
  • Impact Page: While it may seem obvious to use it on a website’s Impact page, it is surprising to witness the number of organizations that only provide a downloadable report or offer infographics without any explanation. Reaching a wider audience with your impact data is possible by presenting it in accessible and easily understandable formats.

For transparency reasons, we recommend the following:

  • Include references and link directly to the sources of your data
  • Use live text as much as you can to share your information, instead of images or pdfs, as they lock up the information for visitors who might need to translate it, etc.
  • Explain your data collection process.

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