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January 10, 2020

Increase your non-profit sponsorship dollars

Increase Non-profit Sponsorship dollars

How to increase your non-profit sponsorship dollars from both small and large businesses is a question we get asked frequently. This article will address how your organization can maximize the frequency and dollar amount of sponsorship support.

Think like a media company

Hearst Media Kit

A non-profit is a business. If you start to think of your sponsorships as an advertising media vehicle, it will be easier to understand how to create a sponsorship package and increase your non-profit sponsorship dollars.

After selling advertising for Fortune 500’s for most of my career, it is easy to draw the similarities between the non-profit world and the media world. Like media, you are selling something that is intangible to a company or business. Your programs are intangible…just like 30 second TV commercials. So, while some companies do want to support your cause simply because your mission aligns with something they are passionate about, other companies want to know what they are getting out of it.

Like a TV commercial, sponsoring your “product” may or may not have tangible results for the sponsor (i.e. increasing awareness of their brand, or converting to sales. ) When companies are considering whether or not to sponsor your non-profit, many things can impact their decision making including:

  • the ability to associate their brand with your mission
  • the ability to be viewed philanthropically which may positively impact awareness and good feelings toward what they sell
  • the good feeling that comes with having donated to a cause and positively impacted lives that are benefitting from your programs (whether they are human or otherwise).

But often, companies want to know what they will get in “return” for sponsoring your program. To increase the likelihood that a company will sponsor your organization, give them what they are looking for..STATISTICS.  They want to know the number of people that will actually see their association with you. Offering statistics can help you increase the impact of your sponsorship programs and the likelihood that a company will come on board.

Why Statistics?

Many advertisers have “ad budgets” allocated to reach a population with their message. How can a non-profit influence an advertiser to spend that money with your org? Prove to them the actual people that they will reach with the sponsorship of your organization. If you can prove to a sponsor that not only are they doing good in the world, but their message will also be seen by 100’s (if not 1000’s of people) you may have an easier time getting them to pull the trigger.

Tools that can show them the power of your followers:

  • Google Analytics: Sponsors want to know how many people their mention on your website will reach. Google Analytics will show you the specific number of people that come to your website and the sections they go to.
    SIDEBAR:  There are many ways your website can become a sponsorship vehicle. CLICK HERE for a complete guide.
  • Social Media: You can provide the impact of your social media campaigns by utilizing free tools such as Hootsuite so sponsors can view engagement.
  • Co-Sponsored email blasts: Open rates and email list numbers are HUGE. (As well click rates)
  • Event sponsorships: Show sponsors the number of people that attend your events is important. Illustrate the number of giveaways that are part of their program.

By looking more like an opportunity for a sponsors’ company, and less like every other organization in your area that is asking for a donation, you can increase your chances of having a sponsor join you in your mission.

Showcase your impact!

Feed The Children Sponsorship Page

It doesn’t matter if you help 10 or 10,000 people.  Sponsors want to know how your organization improves the world!

Target potential sponsors correctly

Take a page out of the ad sales book — one size does not fit all. Sending out a mass email to a list of potential businesses without knowing anything about their pain points or what they are trying to accomplish, will result in a lower response rate.  Taking the time to find the top 10 most likely sponsors, read about their goals and missions and speak with them one-on-one, and creating a package especially for their needs, will increase the likelihood that they will be willing to sponsor your organization.

For a complete and editable PowerPoint sponsorship package to help you get started, CLICK HERE.

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