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December 13, 2019

Non-profit marketing: a fabulous “ASK” letter


Asking for donations is perhaps the most daunting experience one can have and, believe it or not, falls under Non-Profit marketing.  Because what you are doing is marketing for your org.  Many organizations ask how to make an impact on asking snail mail campaigns.  This is just a quick post to show you one that I received today that was amazingly powerful.  From the United States Holocaust Memoriam Museum.  The letter began as follows:

“Over seventy years ago, a simple gift of paint and paper transformed my life.  It was during the German occupation of France and I was a young teenager in hiding in Normandy.  My parents were deported to Auschwitz, where they were murdered. In this unimaginably dark time the simple pleasures of childhood, like my love for drawing, had long since vanished. All that changed when I was lucky enough to meet a local schoolteacher  Though I was careful not to share too much, I did reveal to him my passion for drawing.  It was then he gave me a gift, more meaningful than he could ever have imagined, a sketchbook of watercolors.”

The note goes on but what really impacted me was the amazing greeting cards that I received. Which were very powerful.  I did not need the 2 full pages.  They had me at the cards and paragraph one. As a sidebar, the museum uses every action for donations.

I realize this might not be affordable to some organizations, but I’d like to work together to help you discover how your snail mail can be more impactful.

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