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September 19, 2016

Non-Profit Web Development Matching Program

by Lori Shecter


“Our goal is to empower as many non-profit organizations as we can. The most impactful way that we can do that is to offer non-profits a special discount when providing them with web design and development services,” states Lori Shecter, CEO of We Are Immediate. “Everything is digital now, whether you are donating through your phone, desktop, or smart TV, every non-profit is worthy of an award-winning design that will enable them to reach their fundraising goals.”

The idea began over 5 years ago when the founders of We Are Immediate, Lori Shecter and Nicolas Bulacio escaped corporate America in pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

“Well, not exactly,” states Bucalo, We Are Immediate’s design visionary. “But we found that working in a corporate environment prevented us from delivering high-quality, highly designed, and effective projects. Our work and our creativity were bogged down in a process structure that didn’t allow us to focus on what our client’s needs were, but rather on focusing on a profit margin and bottom line. Hence, We Are Immediate was born.

“I’ve always been involved in fundraising, charitable organizations, and trying to give back. Our company started with fairly high-profile clients like Ikea and A+E—companies that were able to afford world-class design and development. But recently I’ve noticed a large number of non-profits beginning to realize that their websites are no longer going to be able to work hard for them, from both a branding and a fundraising perspective. But, we also realized that nonprofits don’t have the extensive budgets that our other clients do.”

That was when the We Are Immediate team got together and did a little fundraising of their own.

“We decided from every corporate project we would give 5% to our non-profit line, “ reveals Shecter.

“We are excited to have started the 4th quarter with a bang, offering over 6 non-profits our special discount which includes web design and development, robust integrations for: payment gateways for donation, social media, QuickBooks, registration, calendars, and e-learning modules. We hope to be able to launch between 20 and 30 non-profit websites this year and are accepting applications throughout 2016,” states Bucalo.

We Are Immediate believes that by helping non-profits enhance their digital presence worldwide, they are able to help the 100’s of thousands of people who benefit from those non-profit organizations. In a world where everyone is out to make the highest profit margin they can, We Are Immediate dares to step out of the mold and help those who help others without missing a beat.

Are you a nonprofit that needs help with non-profit web development? Find out more about We Are Immediate at our website or call us for a free consultation about your needs: 212-929-9980

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