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July 13, 2019

Non-profit web development

by Lori Shecter

People often ask me why I love non-profit web development so much.  We’ve been designing and developing WordPress and custom websites for almost 10 years and have been lucky enough to have worked with  brand greats such as IKEA, MasterCard and A+E Networks (all of which gave me great  satisfaction.) Along the way, I discovered our ability to design and develop world-class websites for the non-profit community help to positively change their impact on their communities. Every non-profit we’ve met, whether small or large, has the ability to change the world, one step at a time.

So, it is with that in mind, that We Are Immediate has taken steps to ensure will we try and help any registered non-profit that comes to us with a needs-driven problem. We might not always be able to provide the perfect solution, but we also know tons of other people that can.

It is this vision in mind, that motivates us every day to solve the digital challenges of the non-profit sector. And solve them we do!  Here’s what we do better than many WordPress agencies in our space.


We ask questions. Many of them. We deeply immerse ourselves in your culture and truly understand what type of non-profit website design will best fit your marketing goals.  If you don’t have marketing goals, we will help you identify them. We will help you prioritize your needs and help you build a structure around those needs.


We will help you understand what’s wrong with your website, and how you change your website to impact change. We use advanced analytics on your current structure to determine user flow, where users get stuck, and where they go the most. We can even tell you what companies visit your website so you can learn how to approach them and potentially get more development leads. YES. We can do that for you.


We help you understand and tell the stories about your non-profit that will help increase donations, grantors, and sponsors. There is no better way to impact and increase the level of sponsorships than to ensure people who visit your non-profit website feel the power of who you are and are compelled by the power of your story to donate or get involved.


We are results-driven. That means a few things:

  1. Design results – we make sure that your design blows your mind and that of those who come to visit your website.
  2. User Experience – We make sure that users can find exactly what they are looking for in one or two clicks. And that means any target audience your non-profit is looking to reach.
  3. Increase revenue — we guarantee that once you work with We Are Immediate, you will see your revenue or event attendance increase. How do we know? We have our clients telling us every day!


We do free stuff. Free SEO evaluations. Free web site evaluations. Free homepage designs and free postcards for you to use, however you want. And in case you haven’t heard, we also have a matching service for those who need some extra financial support. We’ve also helped several organizations apply for and get grants to get a new website. Here’s one Org we’ve helped and we are super happy that this website is almost live!

BEFORE                                      AFTER


If you are a non-profit organization looking for a non-profit website development team, or just a little advice, give us a call!  We will help you in every way we possibly can. Or just call me, Lori on my direct line: 212-929-9980.  I love providing solutions to organizations that help the world. I look forward to hearing from you.

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