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October 28, 2022
by Lori Shecter

I don’t often post reviews on our website, but this one reflected so much of what We Are Immediate is about, I really had to. From our client at the Education Writers Association.  

Review left by Kristan Obeng

***** October 27, 2022

As the managing editor for digital content at the nonprofit Education Writers Association, I have been working with Lori and Juan from We Are Immediate for over a year. They’re great people to work with and probably the most responsive people I have ever worked with.

Whenever I had an issue or mini website crisis, they always had suggestions, solutions, ideas, and anything else I needed for the complete redesign and content migration of the EWA website.

Lori especially has amazing ideas for days. Just talking to her in our regular meetings, she’d come up with a major marketing or design idea off the top of her head. This is exactly how the hero video on the EWA website came about.

She came up with the video concept and copy after thinking about it out loud during a meeting with me. That video and the new website were highly discussed, liked, and retweeted on Twitter among education journalists and communicators – the core group EWA serves.

Content strategist Juan helped our organization migrate thousands of pages of content to the new website. We couldn’t have done it without him. He is the most helpful person you’ll ever meet, and it’s clear he loves his job and helping others.

All WAI staffers improved the EWA website for the better, from helping us with user research to custom design and images. I even boosted my web design and digital skills just by working with the WAI team.

Anyone who works with WAI will learn a lot, receive regular communication and meetings, get good advice, and get a great final product to be proud of. If you’re a digital person like me, it’s fun to have someone who gets excited talking about analytics with you and who can introduce you to other digital products and services.

EWA launched the new website at the end of September, and WAI made this a great project for me to manage and collaborate with them on.

Nothing makes the team at We Are Immediate happier than when we receive reviews like this from our clients. This perfectly captures the essence of the commitment and passion that we provide for every project that we work on. Our mission is to provide you with the tool that completely reimagines your business and goals.

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