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February 8, 2020

Top WordPress Designers

by Lori Shecter

Top WordPress Website Designers

I’m writing this so you understand that as top WordPress designers, we have a process for designing a website. We don’t just throw pixels on a virtual paper and hope they stick. Each page, each line has a meaning and a direction and we argue all the time if a dot or a dash is better. (Not exactly, but you get my point.) As  top WordPress designers, in a company that works largely with non-profit organizations, we are determined to help you build a bigger, brighter mousetrap so that people learn about who you are and why they should support your organization, (or store, or hospital, or whatever type of company you are in.) We understand that no matter what your mission, you need to have a website that will make people stop and understand what you do, why you do it, and why they should sponsor you or support you in another way.

Custom designed websites

As with some top WordPress designers, We Are Immediate,  only designs custom websites, not themes from online. There are many reasons for this, but the shortlist is below. The online themes from Theme Forest, etc. are the exact reason that people hate WordPress. They are hard to use and content manage and have a bad user experience.

1: Easy to use admin panel
2: Best for Search Engine Optimization
3: Best for your brand
4: World-class code standards
5: Best for customized technical requirements

Your website will WOW you

We ensure a WOW impact when We Are Immediate designs your website, because every page is designed, and redesigned with detail.  We follow our process precisely to ensure that every detail is correct and your WordPress website helps you increase revenue through donations and sponsorships.

Discovery: A detailed list of features your WordPress website needs.
Non-profit organizations usually need descriptive pages, such as About Us, Program Detail and Get Involved pages. More robust functionality includes have event registration, a donation page, and a CRM –without having to subscribe to an outside service. If you own a store or a restaurant, you may be looking for e-commerce integration.

User Experience: Site Map- Example of Riverstone Senior Life Services
The sitemap outlines the main (top navigation) and all of the pages contained within the website. When you use WordPress, all of this can be changed even after you develop the website.

User Experience: Wireframes – Example of Riverstone Senior Life Services CLICK HERE for the full wireframe.

Each page within the website is outlined in what is called a wireframe. The wireframe illustrates to you exactly what pages you need, and what elements will be on the page.

Graphic Design: The fun part — Riverstone Senior Health Services
We get to graphically depict what your WordPress website will look like. We get to know you and your mission intimately so we can design those pages that will grab and hold the attention of anyone who happens about your website. We design two versions of your website; a desktop and a mobile version so that it renders perfectly on all devices.

Top WordPress Designers

The technology of top WordPress Designers = WordPress
We make sure that your website is Search Engine Optimized, mobile optimized and built to expand. We know that non-profits don’t always have the money in their budget for everything they want. But don’t worry! WordPress can be expanded year after year!

Matching for Non-Profits
Did you know that We Are Immediate will match up to 50% the cost of a website for all qualifying non-profit organizations?  Read more HERE.

Fund Raising
Web Development

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