In 2019, we helped 125 non-profits…  

and still growing! Here’s how you can get help. Just schedule an appointment with us on our calendar by clicking HERE. Please pick one or two areas where you need the most help. We address that issue and give you an action plan for improvement.  And we continue to help as much as we can.

Pro-Bono Services


Finding Sponsorships

Your organization needs financial support from like-minded corporate citizens. We will help you identify and engage with corporate sponsors in the same way media professionals bring in $100’s of millions to their vehicles.  CLICK HERE for details.


Website Evaluation

We take a look at your website from an objective viewpoint.  We offer recommendations on how to change and improve your appearance and image.  This includes everything from imagery to design to structure.


Messaging & Content

We look at what you have to say about your organization and how EVERYTHING is in the words you use, how you structure them, and what you say.  We do not mince words either.  We tell it to you straight.  This is not for the faint of heart.



If your brand doesn’t help tell your story, then you are not telling your story at all.  We can tell you exactly how you come across to those who don’t know you.  This could be impacting your ability to increase donations, grant support and get corporate sponsors.


Digital Marketing

This includes everything from increasing your email list and open rates to creating a synergistic approach between your website, print materials and anything else you have online.  It all comes 360 degrees.  If you want your non-profit to grow, you need to master digital marketing.

Just a few we’ve helped