User Experience


Rapid Response for IKEA

When the design agency for IKEA needed immediate help to create a new digital experience, We Are Immediate’s team was there to offer an all hands on deck approach during a crazy pre-holiday sales time!

What We Did

The new IKEA web design was the first of its kind, integrating social media experiences with their product offerings.  We created an online experience to match a shopper’s experience of wandering through a huge IKEA store.

  • User research
  • Persona development
  • Brand research
  • Complete user experience

Our Solution

Our Solution

Bringing the in store experience online.

The new IKEA website was the first time any retailer had integrated social media with e-commerce.

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“We were thrilled that the Immediate team was able to provide us with a best-in-class user experience when we needed them…immediately!

-IKEA team