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We offer a variety of e-commerce solutions to fit any business size and budget. Whether you are just starting out we have a solution for you.

10 Ways to Make Your Non-Profit Website Great

Also known as “Perception is reality”.  What type of message are you sending out about your brand or organization? These  10 ways to make your non-profit website great will change your life. (Maybe not but…) The instant you walk into the hallway of someone’s home, you get an immediate feeling.  It is beautiful or is … Continue reading 10 Ways to Make Your Non-Profit Website Great

Google Analytics non-profit marketing

Google Analytics is Important

This post is especially for a non-profit organization and small business owner.  With over 50% of our clients in the non-profit or small business sector, I feel it is important to remind everyone that their website should have Google analytics code embedded.  This will allow you to measure all your hard-working marketing efforts as well … Continue reading Google Analytics is Important


Free Tools for Non-Profit Organizations

  Everyone can get by with a little help from their friends.  Here is a list of free tools for non-profit organizations.  If you see something missing, please add it! Whether or not you are a non-profit, you can find these tools helpful.  Your marketing team will be happy that you shared them. Design: Canva:  … Continue reading Free Tools for Non-Profit Organizations


Top 12 ADA Website Compliance Requirements

  These 12 ADA website requirements are a good place to start making your website accessible.  You may not know that your website must be accessible to users with sight, hearing, and mobility disabilities. The increase in lawsuits against businesses without an accessible website has drastically increased in the last year increasing from 814 to … Continue reading Top 12 ADA Website Compliance Requirements


Secure your website and payments from hackers

Over 72 million websites are being run using WordPress CMS and WordPress plugins.  In today’s world, there are a gazillion ways that the “bad guys” can hack into your website, your website server, or even your payment gateway.  Here are ways to help keep those bad guys out. This is a lot to do, but … Continue reading Secure your website and payments from hackers


Two Important (but often neglected) Non-Profit Website Pages

Important web pages on Non-Profit Website that are given less attention but are probably even more important from both fund-raising and donation point of view are the IMPACT pages and the DONATION pages.

Email Marketing

10 Powerful Ways To Improve Email Donations

You have little time, so here goes the down and dirty.  And by the way?  This article was written using these tips. 1: Stop using services like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. These resources often end up in spam or the promotions tab of Gmail.  Use a service like YESWARE instead.  Our recent open and … Continue reading 10 Powerful Ways To Improve Email Donations


10 ways your non-profit website can increase sponsorship dollars

Used correctly, your non-profit website can potentially increase sponsorship dollars.


WordPress Developer:  Why we use WordPress

A WordPress Developer’s Confessions We Are Immediate is a WordPress development team and we use it to develop about 50% of our websites.  (The other 50% are custom coded. )Why do we develop in WordPress?  Because it offers a robust offering that can help almost any size organization have a mobile website that is extremely … Continue reading WordPress Developer:  Why we use WordPress

non-profit web development we are immediate

Non-profit web development

We Are Immediate has amazing WordPress developers. Wordpress offers a robust CMS that helps almost any size organization have beautiful robust websites.


We Are E-Commerce Experts

When it comes to finding an e-commerce website builder, you can rest assured you are in good hands when you work with us. Why? Because not only are we experienced when it comes to building websites on various e-commerce platforms (Magento, Woo-Commerce, Shopify, Merchello, custom builds too!), but we work with you to learn all about your business so we can make the most of your user experience.


Why is e-commerce more important than ever before?
As everyone knows e-commerce is the process of purchasing goods or services through the internet. Why is e-commerce so important in 2016? The ease of use, ability to comparison shop, and rise of mobile devices has analysts projecting that e-commerce sales will beat out traditional sales this holiday season.
Why use a professional team?
The same ease of use that is so appealing to consumers can be detrimental to small or medium size business owners. When not addressed, that distinction can lead to shopping cart abandonment, meaning potential customers stop short of making the final purchase decision. While it may be  tempting to set up your own online store, there are steps that a great professional team would take to ensure that your customers are supported every step of the way, so your store runs more efficiently and you can avoid these potential pitfalls.
How does We Are Immediate set up a kick-apps store?
We Are Immediate sets up your e-commerce website to minimize problems by streamlining the user experience (using omnichannel e-commerce solutions such as Magento), intuitive e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify, and designing both your store and follow-up push notifications to fully capture your brand’s look and feel. We strongly believe that a great user experience makes the difference between a store that’s highly successful, and one that’s not. Smooth search capabilities, intuitive sections and subsections and strong, clear imagery all play a role in whether or not a potential customer prefers to use your online shopping experience or a competitor’s. Furthermore, the design and function of your payment integration can also make the difference between whether your site provides a positive experience or a less than perfect one.
What sets We Are Immediate apart?
We Are Immediate’s focus on pixel perfect solutions makes us special because we provide a variety of starting points and then hone your design so it seamlessly integrates with your business. We also test every aspect of your site before pushing it live, because we take pride in our work’s accuracy and efficacy. We help minimize shopping cart abandonment by focusing on user-friendly e-commerce web design, meaning that the flow and functionality of the shopping process work smoothly, as well as by setting up your website so customers receive e-mails reminding them of products they have looked at recently that are still in their cart or that have come up for sale.