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Our team specializes in the many components of social media, whether you need a complete solution or a roadmap.



Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snap Chat, LinkedIn, oh my! So many social media marketing platforms, what’s a business to do?  We Are Immediate will help you discover the most effective social media platforms to use to grow your business. Our guidance will help you improve your visibility and drive traffic to where it really counts – your website.

social media design


A successful social media campaign takes thought, planning, strategy, design and implementation. We Are Immediate helps you identify your target audience, marketing goals, and success metrics.

social media marketing strategy we are immediate


We Are Immediate will ensure that your social media campaigns are effective — read: as in acquiring new customers, retaining old customers and increasing your company’s visibility. We monitor results and make recommendations so that your campaign constantly improves.


We will help you with various social media marketing packages that “must” put your business ahead of the competitors. Grow your business using all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, and more!

Step #1: Optimize your business pages
Prior to our campaigns, we ensure your business social media pages are optimized in order to gain maximum visibility.
Step #2: Identify your social media needs
We identify the whats, whys and hows of your social media campaign,  and then we strategize on design and deployment. Whether it is sales promotion, product awareness, or retaining loyalty of current clients, we will create a dazzling solution.
Step #3: High quality social media posts
We understand user reactions depend on the quality of content. Therefore, we create posts according to your website content and other related sites in order to increase chances of getting more shares and users interactions.
Step #4: Choose success metrics
We will identify a strategy that creates a difference to your business. Also, we identify the measures and ways to evaluate the success of a given strategy that we propose.
Step #5: Analyze your target audience
We help you identify the viable audience based on your business. We compare the type of audience with your already existing customers, and then evaluate the impact of social media aquisiton of this target.
Step #6: Targeting new quality followers
Our campaigns are based on your business objectives so we can achieve your  marketing goals. Therefore, we will target new and valuable followers to help grow your business.
Step #7: Marketing campaign management
We manage your marketing campaigns on all social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as YouTube. This is to ensure you reap the worthiness of the investment.
Step #8: Audience reactions
Once you have engaged your audience through social media such as Facebook, their comments are very vital for decision making. We help you gather and analyze opinions from customers and competitors in order to improve on your marketing campaigns.