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September 30, 2021

How we build WordPress websites

by Lori Shecter

We Are Immediate is a WordPress web design agency based in NYC. While there are many WordPress web designers, We Are Immediate designs and develops websites differently than other companies.  

What makes us different?

  1. Each client matters very much to us… whether you have a large budget of $50K+ or a budget of under $10K. We understand that your website IS your business. Whether it is a non-profit website that needs donations and funding, a small business website that needs event registration or e-commerce, or a Fortune 500 company, your website matters as much to you as it does to us. We dig deep to understand your current needs, your future needs, and how to design something that will last well into the future. (Which by the way, is why we use WordPress –which can easily be updated and changed to support your changing needs.)
  2. As WordPress developers and designers, we believe that your website is unique to your business or organization. No two missions or goals are the same, and we ensure that your website clearly communicates why people should engage with YOUR BUSINESS. Whether you sell widgets or are asking for donations, your website MUST answer the WHY to website visitors taking action
  3. How we do our work to help you
  • We ask questions (a lot of them) to make sure that everything we know about your company is going to translate into design and functionality. We create support documentation to ensure that we’ve collected all details that you require.
  • We get into the essence of what makes your company what it is, from the people to the products or services to the way you provide solutions.
  • We want to understand how you see yourself and how you want to convey that information to your WordPress website audience.
  • We give you tools to see our process every step of the way so that you view your wireframes, our graphic design, and even our development!

Our WordPress website process

What is the web design process and, why is it so important? Because websites consist of 5 very detailed and specific steps.

First: We help you define the success metrics of your website. Every page must have a success metric, i.e. to inform, to convert a donor, to collect an email address, to purchase a product. 

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  • donations
  • sales
  • filling out contact forms
  • getting phone calls, etc
  • website or page traffic.

Second: We identify your brand image. We help create it through page content, images, and videos as well as color schemes.

  • Colors
  • Logos
  • Messaging 
  • Feeling you want to convey

Third: Page structures. Each page has a structure that consists of content (text, imagery, and/or video. The page structure tells the story and guides the user to the actions you want them to perform. A well-designed page structure will increase the chances that it will have the performance results you want.

WordPress Web Development

Fourth: Page functionality. What action do you want people to take? Add to cart, register for an event, donate, fill out a form. There are many functions that you might want to have your page perform and each one should have a clear “action” item.

Graphic design is the final and most important part of designing a WordPress website. It’s where we get our hands dirty playing with images and styles. Through a process called “discovery”, we review 100’s of best-in-class websites that help us understand your taste and style. We don’t stop until you are satisfied with the way your website looks to the public.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to speaking with you! To see some examples of our website, please visit our portfolio. Click Here.

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