Two Words: Wow design. Nothing else to say.


Our web design services encompass branding, creativity, user experience, and user interface.  We guarantee a website that not only will you love, but will convert your users.


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We first meet with you to understand what works and what doesn’t work.  Sometimes this is done through research…looking at your Google Analytics and conducting internal research with your stakeholders and users.  We always say that designing a website is a bit like decorating a room — your identity is part subjective to your taste, but part objective based on best practices.


User experience is making sure that your website and the information you wish to communicate is easy for your visitors to find.  User experience starts with analyzing website traffic and user flows and ends up with a site-map and wireframes.  It’s the groundwork for every project we work on to make sure that we are creating a website or app that will deliver on your mission and goals.

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With all the different devices and browsers you need a website that looks and functions beautifully at any size. We Are Immediate builds websites that adapt to any screen size and that look great to everyone… including search engines.


Many of our clients ask us how can we ensure the website is exactly what they are looking for?  Our design kickoff is the part of the process that tells us exactly what your tastes are, what you like, what you don’t like.  There are multiple design iterations so in the end, there are zero surprises.


We are Immediate is a digital design agency based in New York City. We have many clients that contact us afraid that they can’t afford an amazing, beautifully designed website because their budgets are too small; but that can’t be further from the truth.  Just because we design in NYC doesn’t mean that your design can’t be the next Webby Award-winning website. That’s because our design team strives toward understanding your vision, and making your dream a reality.  It is one of the reasons that we love non-profits, small to medium businesses, startups and similar types of businesses and firms that might not have the types of financial resources of companies like Fortune 500’s do.


Secret # 1 - Our locations
We’re based in New York.  That gives us the resources of some of the finest web designers in the world… designers that want nothing more than to bring your design vision to life through their amazing design skills. Design in NYC is special because our visual senses are constantly bombarded on a daily basis, design that can’t be found anywhere in the world. Our inspiration can come from just grabbing a cup of java, or going to the farmers’ market, or even walking home from work.  Street signs, store signage, vendors, wall art, gardens, people, restaurants:  the visual feast is a constant source of design euphoria.  .
Secret #2 - We listen to you and your needs
The first step to perfect user experience, whether it is a web design or mobile app, is to listen to not only our client’s needs but those of the user.  Because we use that most important design tool, OUR EARS, we are able to design web and mobile apps without making mistakes.  Mistakes that can lead to costly redesigns.  Our complete understanding of not only your needs but those of your users’ keep costs within your budget and time constraints.  On a streamlined budget, there is no room for error when it comes to web and mobile app design.
Secret # 3 - Planning and project management
We plan:  What does that mean? Well before we even get into the graphic design process for a web or mobile app, we build, what might look like to some, the blueprint of a floor plan. And that’s exactly what a wireframe is.  A blueprint of the design of your web or mobile app.  Building a wireframe ensures even before we start the design process that your vision will look and work exactly as it is meant to:  to help YOU increase your web presence and visibility.
Secret #4- You can change your mind
We iterate: That is a term we use a lot.  It’s just another part of this New York team that guarantees that there are no surprises at the end of the day.  You will be the main advisor in your design process.  What you love and what you hate. That way, we can deliver your Michelangelo web site or mobile App.
Have an Enterprise Requirement?
No problem! If you happen to have a larger budget, we can work with you too! Our strategy has worked for companies such as IKEA, A+E, MasterCard and even the US Army.