5 Cool things to know about WordPress

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November 1, 2022
...that can help your website grow
by Lori Shecter

More than 455 million websites are powered by WordPress and We Are Immediate’s clients are no exception. WordPress is a perfect content management system for non-profits, small or large businesses, and many others. This article covers 5 cool things about WordPress we’ve discovered in the 15 years we’ve been developing in WordPress. Take a look at more reasons to use WordPress.

1. WordPress… A problem?

Many clients believe that, since WordPress is free, and there are literally thousands of WordPress templates that you can purchase for $40 (that look pretty good) that WordPress is easy to use. Unfortunately, for many who’ve discovered, that is not true.  In fact, when you purchase a WordPress template you are not only stuck with the code of that developer, you are also stuck with the admin panel of that developer. And that is where it all breaks down.  In order to be able to easily use any CMS, you need to have a great Admin panel — one that is easy to use and one that makes sense.


We Are Immediate designs and develops custom admin panels to make sure that your pages and posts are easy to set up and content manage.

2. WordPress Can Do Anything

We are Immediate has built many robust functionalities in WordPress including membership, event registration, e-commerce, calendar and appointment setting, integration with CRM’s (such as SalesForce and HubSpot), and much more.

3.  WordPress doesn’t have to be a world of plugins

Many people view the world of WordPress development as “a plugin for this and a plugin for that.” The reason for this is that plugins are already developed functionality, so the time and money spent creating a WordPress super site can be less time and money. However, if your web development project calls for increased security and deeper levels of integration and customization, We Are Immediate can also integrate our own custom-developed plugins.

4.  WordPress can be used for all types of organizations

People often ask us what types of organizations we use WordPress to develop websites. The answer to that is ANY. We have used WordPress for Economic Development Corporations, Towns, Non-Profits, Local Businesses, Fortune 500’s, Law Firms, Medical practices, and more. Notable companies that use WordPress include Time Magazine, Sony Music, Tech Crunch, Ted Talks, and Vogue.

5.  We create easy-to-use admin panels

The video below is proof how easy our admin panels are.

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