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October 1, 2021

The Best WordPress Developers in NYC and The World

by Lori Shecter

Wordpress Web Developers NYCThe best WordPress developers in NYC?  We like to think so.  It’s not only what we do, but what we don’t do that make us lay claim to that title.


What we do best using WordPress

  1. We start by understanding your business. First, we take a deep dive to understand the most important things about your business. We learn who your target markets are, what your highest profit margin product is, how you currently get new business and the percent growth you want to achieve in the next year. We take that information and use it to create the structure of your website and recommend functionalities that can help increase your growth and revenue.
  2. Create a content strategy: Creating a content strategy ensures that you will not only aid organic search results but will also help you gear up for potential ad campaigns. This also helps us to understand all the page types that we need to create, as well as plan for additional page types in the future. A content strategy is based on your current content, research and identifying new important content that will help drive your business to the next level.
  3. Understand key functionality: In case you haven’t noticed, WordPress can do almost anything through the magic of plugins. Whether you want to build your own in-house Social network, e-Commerce, event management, membership management, and or something else, you can have almost any functionality your business needs with WordPress. We Are Immediate helps you not only understand and pinpoint your current needs but helps you plan for the future. Considering moving that donation engine in-house? There’s a plug-in for that.  Want a robust event management solution? Check out our latest Event Management WordPress Site. We make sure that we identify all the potential opportunities for how your amazing WordPress site can change the way you do businessin a good way.
  4. Always looking toward the future: It is not realistic to believe that your new website will last 10 years into the future, but what we do try to do is to design and develop a website that has plenty of room for change and expansion. Best practices tell you a website should be updated every three years. But with our WordPress development, you can completely redesign your homepage, and make page template changes that can give you the effect of a completely new website… without the expense and timing of building a completely new website.
  5. 360 Strategy: We don’t just provide you with a website and design, we approach each project with a roadmap to see measurable growth. We provide you with a digital marketing strategy that accelerates your revenue growth.

What Makes We Are Immediate the Best WordPress developers in NYC

  1. We won’t do templates: If you want a WordPress template you can pretty much hire anyone that knows WordPress. We don’t use them because the admin panels are usually very difficult to manage and we also find that the developers who created them did not use best practice standards. PLUS, your website will look like just about any other templated website out there.  We believe in branding and making your website unique and different in every way.
  2. Unique graphic design: No business is like any other business. Your website shouldn’t be either. We believe that our design team knocks it out of the box when it comes to WordPress design. Making your website like no one else’s makes our team one of the best WordPress developers in NYC… and the world!
  3. We keep admin panels simple: We strive to make all admin panels as simple as possible, whether you have online registration, e-commerce, forms, any other functionality. We also provide 8 hours of training, including a video guide on how to use your website. Need additional support?  No problem.  We are here to help!
  4. We go above and beyond to deliver your project on time and on budget: I am not sure what else I can say to elaborate on this point. But there are no hidden or additional costs when it comes to your project.
  5. You know exactly what you are getting long before the site goes live: Our process illustrates lets you see progress every step of the way. After our discovery, you will see a complete set of wireframes. Example wireframes Click Here. Next, we complete the graphic design of every page. You will view the prototype and provide us with important feedback. Designs are then iterated upon prior to development. Click Here for an example of designs prior to development. And Here is the live site.
  6. You approve the process every step of the way: We don’t just sign a contract and disappear for 4 months. We have weekly status meetings (or more) that allow you to view the process as well as provide feedback. This affords us the opportunity to make changes as required.

Don’t Believe Us, Believe Our Clients

We can tell you why we are the best WordPress web developers in NYC, but our clients provide the proof in the pudding! Below are testimonials from our current clients

Cocciardi: The website is truly beautiful and speaks to the professionalism and caliber of you and your team. You made this process seamless for us and went above and beyond in keeping us on track. Thank you for caring for us and our website as if it were your own. I truly appreciate all the early mornings and late nights, and all the hours in between, you spent with me. I don’t think we would have received this same kind of attention and care with anyone else. Thank you for everything!” Dalia Rutledge

Joint Animal Services:  We really didn’t know what to expect when we hired We Are Immediate to design and develop our website. We are thrilled that they were able to put down on paper, our exact needs from both a content and design perspective. The results are truly amazing. Our board was so thrilled with our new website that we received a standing ovation!  We are working we We Are Immediate again to build a custom online registration tool.  Very happy to have found this unique team that has the same passion for our projects as we do.

We Are Immediate is based in New York City and is proud to be a NYC certified Woman and Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. If you would like to set up a consultation on how we can help bring your business to the next level, please call us at 212-929-9980. We look forward to helping you!

Contact us for a complimentary evaluation of your website and how we can help you.


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