How to get non-profit funding in 2023

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January 21, 2023
Steps to improve your non-profit funding success
by Lori Shecter

Non-Profit funding is the lynchpin to your success as a non-profit.  Without funding, your mission can’t be carried out, and your programs can’t be delivered. This is a list of top trends in 2023 to get non-profit funding. The most common resources for funding include corporate funding, government or private grants, crowdsourcing (like Go Fund Me), social media, private donors, and friends and family.  But before giving you money, your funders will look for these elements regardless of where you are seeking funding.

Non-profit funding is influenced by:

1: Your Mission

Is your mission fund-worthy?  Is your mission sustainable in your region?  There is not ONE non-profit that I have ever spoken to that doesn’t have a worthy mission.  But only those funders that are on the same page as you, and that believe in your mission will fund your organization.  As part of your mission, you need to have measurable goals so you can measure your ability to achieve them.

2: Statistics and Outcomes

Your programs must have proof of a positive impact on the communities that your non-profit serves.  This is perhaps the most important element when people review your application for funding.  What are examples of statistics?  This list is infinite.  Do you know what your impact is?  How are you tracking it?  It can be as easy as using a spreadsheet with a goal, and tracking process to subscribing to more sophisticated data-tracking tools.  Do you know what YOUR impact goals are?  The more specific your number, the easier to achieve your goal and have proof of your ability to achieve it.  Broad areas of statistics include:

  • Detailed Data
  • Consistency to mission
  • Financials
  • Community Visibility and Popularity
  • Number of staff
  • Programs
  • Program Outcomes
  • Delivering on your Goals
  • How well you manage your money
  • Impact Stories
  • Past Success and History

Obviously, every organization’s statistics are going to be different depending on what.  Outcome specific examples

  • Number of meals
  • Number of people attending your program
  • Improvement in grades
  • Animals rescued
  • Ability to raise money
  • Ability to spend money
  • Number of scholarships given out
  • Number of trees planted

Funders report digital reporting most frequently to find out about your impact including:

  • Portal/Dashboard
  • Spreadsheets
  • Impact stories

3:  Your Legal Non-Profit Status

More than 50% of all funders and donors want to be assured that you are legally operating as a non-profit organization, not only for tax purposes.  Some perceive the legal status as proof that you are going to “do good” with their donation and support.  Though non-profits must continue to provide audits to ensure this is true, we have all heard of the misuse of non-profit funding.  However, perception is reality, in most cases.

The importance of your website for non-profit funding

Your non-profit website is the very first entry into your non-profits mission and ability to showcase your staff, your programs, and your ability to deliver on your mission. For most funders, your website is the primary way to learn about your non-profit, so a professional and engaging website is essential.  Statistics show that the primary way that funders are funding out about your success and your impact is through your website and other digital platforms.  It is here you can feature both graphic and digital stories, programs, staff, and success metrics.

Examples of pages that we have designed specifically for  non-profit funding  purposes include:

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